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There are currently no offerings available from this school.  Check back soon for more information.

Learn More About Concordia University Nebraska

Online Programs at Concordia University, Nebraska

Since its founding in 1894 by The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, Concordia University, Nebraska has drawn students who seek purpose and meaning in a profession. Today, the university cherishes its heritage while welcoming students of all faiths, recognizing the desire to serve others is a unifying theme across many religious traditions. The introduction of online programming allows us to reach a world of students who want to follow the path of learning, service and leadership.

Online programs offered:

Master of Public Health:
Earn your Master of Public Health online from Concordia University, Nebraska

For people who want to make a difference, there is no more profound way to do so than through public health. Eliminating health disparities and preventing disease on a community, national or global level is considered by many to be a mission rather than a profession. A Master of Public Health degree opens doors to opportunities for service and advancement in public health careers. Start by earning your MPH degree online from Concordia University, Nebraska.

What You Will Learn
Delivered by accomplished faculty, the curriculum of Concordia's online Master of Public Health program covers core topics in the public health field, including biostatistics, environmental health, research, epidemiology and management of health policy. A focus on Community Health Education or Health Policy and Administration deepens your expertise for specific jobs in public health. Earning your MPH degree online concludes with a capstone experience which helps you put theory into practice: an essential step for public health careers.

  • Community Health Education - Help keep communities healthy by learning to develop, implement and assess health programs. You will study models and theories of health behavior and learn to apply principles and practice of effective marketing and communication to your efforts.
  • Health Policy and Administration - Take a broad perspective to improve public health by developing the knowledge, ability and skills in leadership, management techniques, and health care organization and structure to influence public health policy.

Master of Human Services:
Earn your Master of Human Services Degree online at Concordia University, Nebraska

Caring for others is more than a career path: it's a mission. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for human services professionals is expected to grow 22 percent from 2008 to 2018, much of it driven by a need for professionals experienced working with aging, diverse and vulnerable populations. As government-funded programs face budget cutbacks, the need will grow for private agencies to fill the gap. Concordia University, Nebraska's programming prepares you to lead and respond with compassion and effectiveness. Our online Master of Human Services (MHS) program allows you to further your education while maintaining family and career commitments.

What You'll Learn
A human services degree from Concordia provides you with the policy background, theory and applied knowledge to enable you to meet the increasing demands of the human services workforce while offering a foundation for further degree work or certification and licensing in select human service areas. You'll build competencies in core topics including human services administration, community relations, lifespan development, professional ethics and intercultural communication.

Three specializations-Gerontology, Community and Public Health, and Human Services Leadership and Management-and a generalist track allow students to focus on their areas of interest:

  • Gerontology - Explore the social, mental health and family issues specific to older adults and an aging population.
  • Community and Public Health - Help promote the well-being of individuals and communities through education and initiatives.
  • Human Services Leadership and Management - Get a broader view of the human services field and what it takes to administer human services programs effectively.