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Online Schools and Doctors Online: Computers Go the Distance

Years ago, when computers took up entire temperature-controlled rooms, no one could have imagined that computers would one day be small enough to carry in a briefcase. 

And no one could have imagined that one day most people in the U.S. would have a personal computer in their homes.

But these things and more have already happened as computers have become extremely valuable in our society.

Even so, there are still those who question whether online schools are valid or helpful. And even as statistics show that enrollment in online schools is growing at a rate faster than that of traditional schools, naysayers are still unable to see the value and convenience of e-learning. However, anyone who is paying attention to how quickly new technology is used to streamline, increase efficiency and improve productivity will see that distance learning via computer is here to stay. 

Online degree programs have made it easier for college students to take classes without sacrificing time at work, time with their families, evening and weekends at home, or travel opportunities.  

If doctors can use technology to practice medicine online and have it paid for by insurers, then students can certainly benefit from educational technology that is designed to bring the classroom to the student. 

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