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"Education is the most
powerful weapon which
you can use to change
the world".

-- Nelson Mandela



"Genius without education
is like silver in the mine."
-- Benjamin Franklin

Unique Online School Woos Military & Law Enforcement Personnel to Intelligence Careers

If he were a real person, James Bond would approve.

And even for those who enjoy James Bond movies, it doesn’t get much better than this: an accredited online school that specializes in preparing graduates for careers in the U.S. Intelligence Community.

Imagine learning from top security specialists, with training input and teleconferencing lectures from current and former members of the FBI, CIA, Secret Service, NCIS, and DEA.  

This extraordinary distance-learning opportunity is available at Henley-Putnam University, in partnership with American Sentinel University. Henley-Putnam specializes in e-learning degrees in Terrorism/Counterterrorism, Protection Management, Intelligence and Strategic Security.   

Due to the high level of security information that is imparted to Henley-Putnam students, as well as the probability that graduates will be employed in sensitive areas of government and private industry, applicants must pass a background check before being accepted into the school.

Students may earn online bachelor’s and master’s degrees, or the new online doctorate degree in Strategic Security. 

Henry-Putnam University, a military-friendly school, particularly encourages applications from active-duty service members and honorably-discharged veterans who are interested in advancing their careers in the Intelligence/Security industry. The school also covets applications from law enforcement personnel and those in private industry who would benefit from specialized training focusing on these security fields.

Depending upon the major focus, courses may include: Terrorist Techniques; the Psychology of Terrorism; Introduction to Threat Assessment; Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear Weapons; Essentials of Executive Protection; History of Executive/Dignitary Protection; Protective Security Law; Covert Action; Propaganda and Disinformation and other classes.

James Bond may not be a real-life character; but the flesh-and-blood men and women of the intelligence community are the true heroes who are responsible for the safety of our nation.

And Henley-Putnam is ready to train new additions to this elite team of highly-regarded professionals.

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    While we’re discussing the Unique Online School Woos Military & Law Enforcement Personnel to Intelligence Careers, matter, What about the “Real World”, is the question usually asked of parents who are looking to home school there children. How will they know how to accept and get along with a racial and ethnic divergent society? After all in public education they are (rightly so) tossed together for the public good. I don’t believe race or ethnicity should ever be a barrier to living. But, I do believe that misbehaved, unbehaved, need some parental counseling and the public school system will not allow this.

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