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Air Force Offers Online Bachelor’s Degree

Have you ever heard of Air University (AU)? If you are not in the U.S. Air Force, it may not ring a bell.

But apparently AU is the center of professional education for Air Force personnel and civilians, especially those who require training related to air and space power. It has been around since 1946 and is located in Alabama; where the Wright Brothers created the first U.S. civilian flying school in Montgomery in 1910.

However, Air University is in the news because beginning today, June 15th, airmen (the term includes both men and women) may earn their bachelor’s degree via distance learning by applying community college credits to a number of university and college programs that have been approved by the Air Force. The Air Force has high educational standards and encourages college aspirations; so it is a given that these approved schools are required to be accredited.

The new online degree program for airmen has several key components:

  1. Active duty Air Force, National Guard and Air Force Reserve airmen are eligible.
  2. The program focuses on those who will be able to complete their online bachelor’s degree within 60 units or less.
  3. Tuition assistance for airmen is available at 100% for up to $250 per semester hour, with a maximum cap of $4,500 per year. Text books are not covered.
  4. Eligible students can go to one website, the Air Force Virtual Education Center, for all educational needs, including choosing a school, applying for tuition assistance, and enrolling in a program.
  5. Even when the student leaves the military, he/she may continue their program until coursework is completed.
  6. Those who are deployed may study and work toward their degree even while overseas.

Distance learning is opening doors for so many who cannot attend classes in a traditional classroom. Imagine a soldier, deployed to Iraq or other locations, being able to pass the time by furthering his or her education. The additional college training will likely be valuable in the military job; and once out of the military, the college degree will be valuable in the veteran’s chosen civilian career.

The Air Force has a win-win situation happening here, don’t you think?

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