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Posted by vida

Kaplan University, a popular online and on-campus school, offers a tuition discount for active duty military personnel.

The college, which is part of Kaplan Higher Education, has approximately 38,000 students enrolled in over 100 higher education programs. A graduation ceremony held today in Miami by Kaplan University celebrated the accomplishments of 1,894 online students.

The tuition discount is one of several unique services available to military students. Kaplan also provides counselors, Armed Forces Admissions Advisors, who are familiar with the special challenges faced by those who may be stationed overseas as well as veterans. These counselors also have information about financial aid that can significantly lower or eliminate the cost of going back to college. 

Kaplan is a fully accredited university with a special mission toward the men and women of the armed forces. With years of experience and an excellent reputation, it is a school worth pursuing. 

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