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Posted by vida

George Lucas, creator of the multimillion dollar Star Wars industry, has a philanthropic interest in improving public education and preparing children and teens to successfully navigate the technology-driven world of the future.

He particularly values and highlights teachers who creatively engage students, often with multimedia, in order to enhance learning. Lucas believes that children learn better when they are stimulated and interested in the subject matter.

So he put into print his ideas for the best ways to educate children. Edutopia, the magazine underwritten by the non-profit George Lucas Education Foundation, is a treasure trove of innovations in teaching and a rich resource for discovering new trends in education. Online education, interactive media and additional virtual tools are discussed in detail as ways of generating student interaction and focus.

The September 2007 issue talks about 10 hot topics in public education:

  1. No Child Left Behind and the need to transform it
  2. How to retain and attract highly-qualified teachers
  3. Alternative school schedules that improve student scores
  4. Distance-learning and its impact on students and teachers
  5. Why politics will definitely be a part of high school classrooms in this academic year
  6. The explosion of interest in teaching and learning the Chinese language
  7. Why oceanographer Robert Ballard believes that science really is fun and relevant for children
  8. Using the technology of MySpace/YouTube to create student online learning communities
  9. High school career academies that smooth the transition for graduates from school to the job force
  10. How the arts and music education vacuum in public schools is being filled by locals

George Lucas expects to see improvements in the way we educate children as the exciting growth in technology is intermingled with the creative skills of dedicated teachers.

Free subscriptions of Edutopia are available in print to teachers and other qualified persons; and the website includes relevant education articles, videos and teaching modules.

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