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Outlawed iPods Return to School as Educational Tools

Frustrated middle school and high school officials across the country have outlawed iPods in the classroom. Students have used them to cheat on exams and are not attentive when listening to their downloaded music during class.

However, creative schools are using the popular technology to connect with students and spur interest in educational topics.

Jose Marti Middle School in Union City, New Jersey, uses iPods to help bilingual students learn English grammar and vocabulary. The students listen to songs in English as a supplement to their language studies. School officials believe strongly enough in the use of iPods for educational purposes that they plan to distribute 300 of the devices to children in poor New Jersey schools. This $130,000 experiment has already gained the interest of school districts all the way to California who are taking a second look at the usefulness of iPods.

New Jersey schools have already used iPods to teach English, French, Spanish and science. The iPods used in classes cost about $250 each and are equipped with a video screen. Headsets are also provided to students.

Colleges have already begun to make use of the popularity of iPods. In 2004, Duke University provided iPods to the freshman class that contained preloaded orientation information. A number of Duke classes now require an iPod; but the university no longer provides them free of charge.

The use of iPods is just another way that today’s technology is showing up in the classroom. Laptop computers have already become a fixture among students in college. Mini-devices like the iPod, which are light and portable, may lay the groundwork for a future cross between a laptop computer and an MP3.

The use of the latest technology in early education is a smart move. New Jersey is leading the way in combining proven educational strategies with the technology culture of today’s generation. And thankfully, students — like those at Jose Marti Middle School — will discover that learning really can be fun.

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3 Responses to “Outlawed iPods Return to School as Educational Tools”

  1. hutchk10 Says:

    When iPODS are being used for educational use thats a good thing the students are learning and are in a good learning environment. I think that its good they were using iPODS for English,French, Spanish and science. Although they are not a needed. We dont need iPODS we would like to have them.

  2. Dr. Samuella Reed Says:

    I believe iPods serve as a great tool in our classrooms. Its an updated way of learning.

  3. Cooper Says:

    I am doing a report about how music affects learning, and it has been proven that mozart’s and baroque’s 60 beat per minute music can increase learning rate by up to five times. A doctor, i dont know his name off the top of my head but he tried playing this music for his foreign language class one day and was able to teach his students half of all the vocabulary of the whole term in one day. Also music stimulates both the left and right side of the brain! Why not be able to learn musically and we have this technology now, why not take advantage of it?

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