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Posted by vida

According to a recent Gallup Poll, voters favor Barack Obama‘s stance on education over John McCain‘s.

Forty-six percent of voters believe that Obama is supportive of public education, in contrast to only twenty-nine percent who feel the same way about McCain. This poll is significent because in the past two presidential elections, no candidate stood out over another with respect to education issues.

Although both presidential candidates have voiced support of public schools, Obama has spoken emphatically throughout his political career about improving public education and increasing opportunities for low-income students.

In her speech during the Democratic National Convention, Michelle Obama succinctly stated her husband’s position on education by stating that he supports “a world class education (for every child) from preschool through college“.

Obama has also worked toward this end during his Senate years. He was instrumental in passing the recent Higher Education Act that raised the maximum Pell Grant award to $5,100; and he introduced a bill to provide federal funding for summer learning opportunities for children.

Barack Obama supports:

  • a quality education for every student, regardless of background, race or class,
  • free or affordable college for every high school graduate,
  • increased federal financial aid for lower-income college students,
  • preparation for a college-track education for every child available through Head Start programs,
  • tax credits for families who are paying college tuition.
  • equipping and supporting poor and/or rural public school districts
  • additional training and higher wages for public school teachers.

Obama says that his interest is in advancing public education programs that will help U.S. students compete in the world, which will also increase individual economic success. Although he has not specifically addressed online degree programs or online schools , Obama’s stand on education issues indicates that he will support the high-tech distance learning strategies that have revolutionized and advanced learning opportunities for all students.

McCain has been slower in voicing his education platform; though he will certainly make his position clear during the Republican National Convention next week and as the presidential race draws closer to Election Day.

The Gallup Organization’s poll on the Public’s Attitides Toward the Public Schools was co-conducted by Phi Delta Kappa International, an international association of professional educators.  

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