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Three Federal Agencies Help Employers Uncover Bogus Workplace Credentials

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and the Department of Education (DOE) have joined their voices in warning employers to use all available resources to detect diploma mill fraud in the hiring of new employees.

These 3 agencies also advise employers to verify the credentials of employees who have been promoted or are being considered for positions of authority and responsibility, whether in small businesses, medium companies or large corporations. Accredited online degrees should be distinguished from fake online diplomas purchased from websites.

Potential damage to businesses, to other employees and to clients is a real concern and should not be minimized. Dishonest, unqualified personnel leave the employer and the company wide open to scandal, lawsuits and subsequent financial ruin. Once the credibility of a company or its product has been compromised, it could take years to rebuild it.

The Federal Trade Commission’s aim is to prevent ”fraudulent, deceptive and unfair practices in the workplace”. They provide helpful information to employers about how to detect and uncover fake college degrees. The FTC also enters fraud-related complaints into a database that is available to hundreds of U.S. and international law enforcement agencies. Resources for employers also include information on how businesses can comply with the law.

In 2004, the Office of Personnel Management found several employees of its own who were hired based on fake college degrees. Subsequently, they hired additional personnel to handle background checks and to verify the college education and credentials of job candidates. Their website provides information about current jobs (including federal jobs), salaries, benefits, government retirees and veterans.

The Department of Education provides information about diploma mills and provides a database listing all of the accredited colleges and universities in the U.S. They also collect a myriad of information relating to education — including elementary schools and high schools.

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