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Diploma Mill Scandal Rocks South Korea

In a country where prestige is high for those with esteemed college degrees, the revelation that two high-profile public figures received diploma mill degrees has been shocking to those in Seoul, South Korea.

Although both of these celebrities – Lee Ji-young, an educational talk show host and Shin Jeong-ah, an art professor — claimed to have bachelors and masters degrees, investigations uncovered evidence that a high school diploma was the highest degree either had received. They listed degrees from Yale, the University of Kansas and the University of Brighton (England). These deceptions cost the perpetrators their societal position, salaries and honor when they were unceremoniously released from all employment positions.

An investigation spearheaded by these revelations has targeted the academic records of over 2,800 private institute teachers.  Officials intend to determine whether degrees included on resumes were actually awarded.

Korean parents, who choose private schools for their children based upon the prestige of teachers’ backgrounds have been particularly devastated by this scandal. Songpa Police Station officials are tracking down those who sell the fake diplomas; although they admit that the Internet has made their task difficult. They are also frustrated because the problem of diploma mills is increasing with the ease of running such businesses on the web.

Read the full story here.

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Posted by vida

2 Responses to “Diploma Mill Scandal Rocks South Korea”

  1. Professor May Ling Says:

    Hi i think you mean the Queens University of Brighton run by Dr Chuie of ABMA. This is a well known degree mill operating out of California who have no laws at present.Professor May Ling www,SCMP.com

  2. vida Says:

    In the article, I referred to celebrities who claimed degrees from the highly-esteemed University of Brighton in England, though they did not earn those degrees.

    But thank you for the information about a diploma mill that calls itself the Queens University of Brighton. One ploy of diploma mills is that they steal the name of a reputable college or university, changing it slightly to avoid legal hassles. Students should always be careful to choose accredited traditional and online schools.

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