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Diploma Mill Degree Taints New York Sheriff Candidate

Nathan ‘Bud’ York appears to be an ideal candidate for Warren County Sheriff in New York.

He retired from the State Police after 30 years of service, primarily working as a senior investigator. He has worked as a road trooper in Warren County and experienced 7 years in the State Police Major Crimes Unit. York, the father of 7 children, decided to challenge the incumbent, Sheriff Larry Cleveland, after being encouraged by grass roots support.

However, Bud York has a glitch in his qualifications — he purchased a diploma mill degree rather than enrolling in an accredited online school or traditional college degree program. 

York’s bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from LaSalle University in 1995 is not from the highly esteemed school in Philadelphia, the private Catholic school founded in 1863 with a sprawling campus. Instead, it is from La Salle University in Louisiana, a notorious degree mill that was shut down by federal authorities after a raid of its offices in 1995. It’s founder, James Kirk, served more than four years in federal prison for mail fraud and tax evasion.

LaSalle University of Louisiana reportedly had only one faculty member for 15,000 students; and she did not even hold a bachelor’s degree. Also, the school was not accredited between 1992-2007, which includes the time when York received his diploma mill degree.

In addition, after the diploma mill was shut down, federal prosecutors sent letters to LaSalle students, advising them of the illegal degree scam and offering to reimburse them for their ‘tuition’ payments. Former students were asked to renounce their degrees and mail them back to Louisiana in exchange for the refund. York claims he did not receive such a letter.

John Bear, who has written a number of articles about diploma mills and who worked with the federal government as an expert on diploma mills, called LaSalle University the second worst diploma mill he has ever seen. Diploma mills require little or no college work and often advertise themselves as ‘life experience’ degrees.

Bud York may seem like an ideal candidate; but purchasing a diploma mill degree was dishonest. The 30-year police veteran claims that he did not know that LaSalle was an illegal diploma mill. He says that he did not mention the degree in his campaign for Sheriff, yet he apparently mentioned it in a flier mailed to voters and in a questionnaire filled out for the Post-Star newspaper.

Soon the voters of Warren County will decide whether they believe him or not.

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