"Education is the most
powerful weapon which
you can use to change
the world".

-- Nelson Mandela



"Genius without education
is like silver in the mine."
-- Benjamin Franklin

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E-learning and Romance: How Online Education Enhances Love

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Okay, so leaning over and gently whispering the words “online education” into your sweetheart’s ear may not stoke the fires of love; but there are other ways that distance learning can help heat up the romance.

Obviously, regular communication that is clear and honest helps to determine the quality of a relationship. And love, respect and appreciation for the other party breeds contentment and longevity.

This is an arena where e-learning may be able to contribute in the following ways:

  1. E-learning is designed to allow more time for relationships, not take it away. On-campus classes demand travel time, time in class, time at the lab (if required), on-campus teacher office hours and possible study and research time at the on-campus library. With e-learning, there is no travel time or in-class time on the campus; and virtual libraries, virtual labs and online office hours are available instead.
  2. E-learning offers flexible hours; and you can choose study times that work around relationship and family time. So if you have a regular date night (or nights), study time may fit either before or after the time out on the town.
  3. E-learning can travel with you and your sweetheart. You can still take that trip to the Caribbean, or maybe that close-to-home trip down the coast, up to the mountains or into the city. As long as your computer is portable and Internet access is available, you can even take exams and do homework from an idyllic travel spot. And since most local libraries have computers and Internet access, having your own computer is not always a requirement.
  4. E-learning may be another way of saying, “I love you enough to sacrifice time and money now to make a better life for us down the road.” Those late nights, early mornings and weekends that involve studying should signify to a significant other that you care enough about the relationship to plan and work now for a better future life together.
  5. E-learning offers the non-student in the relationship a chance to say “I love you” in special ways. A show of support for the student is a significant way to show love and build strong bonds. This support may include: taking care of extra household duties to allow extra study time as it is needed; being especially understanding when the student is studying, preparing for final tests or working on projects; keeping the children occupied when necessary and showing appreciation for the student’s efforts to earn an online degree.

Also, by remaining continually supportive and never complaining about your loved one’s efforts to take online classes, you allow the student to see your unselfish, generous-of-heart attitude, which creates a firmer foundation of longevity for the relationship.

Online schools and online degree programs are designed to enhance the lives of adult learners. And like candy and flowers, they also encourage love and romance to bloom.

For more on love, romance and school, read “Show Your Love On Valentine’s Day Without Spending a Dime

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Show Your Love on Valentine’s Day Without Spending a Dime

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

On Valentine’s Day, couples generally show their love for one another by giving cards, flowers, candy and other gifts. But if your budget is tight, there are still ways to romance your love without breaking the bank.

These gifts do require that you have some idea what your Valentine really wants from you. And the cost to you may be more than money in the long run. But choosing one of these gifts may also ensure that you have many more Valentine’s Days ahead with the one you love.

Consider one of these gifts:

  • Give the gift of your support for your Valentine’s dreams. For example, if your loved one has expressed a desire to enroll in an online degree program or to finish a college degree, write an encouraging note saying that you love him or her enough to support their dream. Then ask how you can help while they are studying and taking classes.
  • Give the gift of your time, especially if you have been busy, distracted or traveling. Write your Valentine an invitation to spend an evening together at a later date doing something your loved one enjoys — like taking a walk, a bike ride, a drive in the country, or even an evening at the ballet or opera. Set a date and keep it.
  • Give the gift of communicating your feelings. As mushy as you might think this is, it could really positively impact your Valentine. If your loved one has been concerned that you don’t care and you really do care, write a love letter expressing your true feelings. Let him or her know how much they mean to you. It may not seem like much; but it could mean the world to the person who loves you.
  • Give the gift of becoming a better husband, wife, parent, significant other. Write a card, note, letter expressing your love and your desire to help strengthen and improve the relationship. Pick out one thing you do that continues to cause a rift; and express your intention to work on that problem. Maybe you have a short temper; or you do not show any emotions at all. Or you never like to talk or communicate. This is an opportunity to not only improve your relationship, but to change something aout you that needs changing.

These are just a few ways to show your Valentine that you love him or her. And if you choose to give one of these gifts, you may find that you receive the best gift of all — a stronger, more satisfying and more loving relationship.

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