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U.S. Colleges to Sign Agreement with China’s Largest e-Learning Organization

Monday, April 21st, 2008

The American Distance Education Consortium (ADEC), which counts approximately 65 member colleges, and the Chinese Central Agricultural Broadcasting Television School (CABTS), which is the largest distance-learning organization in the world, will sign a cooperative agreement on Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008 in Minneapolis.

Through this agreement, United States and Chinese faculty and staff will collaborate on educational research and joint project content development. This venture betewen the two groups is a strategic planning move that elevates these colleges and universities to the the cutting edge of an educational technology expansion.

The Sloan Consortium has issued several reports about distance learning and its impact on higher education. The recent reports, based upon results from  2,500 schools,  highlight the rapidly increasing popularity of online classes and online degree programs. They also indicate that e-learning is now incorporated into the master plan of numerous traditional colleges and universities.

As Internet connections continue to increase in speed and as the sophistication of educational software keeps pace with technology, traditional and online schools have taken notice.

Blended learning, which includes a component of student and teacher face-to-face interaction, but which includes online learning, is especially useful in fields that require hand-on training in addition to academic classes. Nursing and foreign language students may benefit from this type of program. 

The issue of e-learning can no longer be placed on the back burner by any forward-moving educational institution. Future college students are growing up in a high tech world; and when they enter college, they do not want to step back into the dark ages. There is a place for both traditional and online learning in the college environment; and this agreement between the educational communities of two world powers is recognition of that fact.

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