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Author Proves Age is No Barrier to Online Law Degree

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

A recent news article in the Hampshire Chronicle News highlighted a 65-year old college professor who received her online law degree in 2003 and recently finished writing a well-researched murder mystery.

Penny Morgan is one of millions of adult learners who have continued to keep their brain stimulated by pursuing a college education.

For Dr. Morgan, studying at an online school was as normal as her previous educational accomplishments — attending the University of British Columbia, studying zoology in England, doing post-doctoral work at Southampton University, working as head of the psychology department at Peter Symonds College and currently writing two additional books as part of a trilogy.

In a previous blog, How Online Schools Help Improve Your Brain, I alluded to the fact that the brain continues to learn and grow additional brain cells throughout life. I quoted Dr. Richard Restak, a prominent neuropsychiatrist, who also states the following in his book,  Mozart’s Brain and the Fighter Pilot:

It’s likely that your brain cells will also continue to multiply in certain important areas if you continue to challenge yourself intellectually. Think of the brain as a work in progress that continues from birth until the day you die. At every moment, your activities and thoughts are modifying your brain. That modification can lead to enhanced brain performance and capabilities. This holds true no matter what your age or how late in life you begin.” (Chapter 4)

No matter what your age, online learning is an excellent way to sharpen your intellectual skills throughout life. So keep your brain active and challenged; and make education a lifelong goal.

I am sure the Dr. Penny Morgan will agree. 

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