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Men Find Job Stability, Satisfaction in Nursing

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

When a male nurse walks into the typical hospital room, he might be greeted with surprise, apprehension or suspicion by some patients.

After all, since the days of Florence Nightengale, the word “nurse” has evoked images of a medically trained, maternal woman who cares for the sick.

But almost 6% of nurses are men; and they might beg to differ with that image. And the lure of a stable job in health care during this economic tsunami is certain to draw even more men into the nursing profession.

A study published in 2005 found that men choose nursing for the same reasons as women:

  • Job satisfaction
  • Job stability
  • Excellent salary and benefits

And today, with so many traditionally secure jobs falling by the wayside, men are beginning to find their way toward a career that offers monetary and other tangible and intangible rewards to those who earn the coveted RN, or registered nurse, credential.

Former military personnel are often among those who pursue nursing after being separated from military service. And they are in good company, especially in nursing school, joining students from many diverse backgrounds who have decided to give nursing a shot.

Although nursing is not a one-size-fits-all profession for either males or females, it is often a good fit for those who are compassionate, hard-working, ethical and people-oriented. And in a field that continues to be dominated by women, male nurses can count on the majority of their supervisors and co-workers to be women.

Blended and online nursing programs are sprouting up across the country in order to stave off a nursing shortage of half a million that is predicted to take place by the year 2020. Students in rural communities are especially targeted by newly-designed online degree programs that hope to help fill nursing needs in remote geographical locations. However, the typical entry-level nursing student attends traditional on-campus training for at least 2 years, then is able to take advantage of online RN to BSN (Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing) programs while working a full-time job.

Male nurses are changing the way the field of nursing is perceived, as demonstrated by ad campaigns that portray male nurses as manly, competent and caring.

So the next time you look up to see a male nurse in the hospital or in a doctor’s office — just smile.

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Health Care Jobs Still Recession Proof, Says February Report

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

On the second floor of the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, a controversial tourist attraction draws medical professionals, students and curiosity seekers from around the world.

It is “The Bodies” exhibit, a collection of real human bodies, displayed in a museum-type format. This fascinating educational walking tour covers every part of the body in intricate detail, leaving onlookers with a greater understanding of how complex, yet awesome, our bodies are.

But there is no need to travel to Las Vegas to study the body. Those who are interested in focusing upon the anatomy, care and health of the human body may wish to consider pursuing a career in one of the health professions by enrolling in an online degree program.

According to the New York Times article, “Job Losses Hint at Vast Remaking of Economy” (3-7-09):

“Transportation and warehousing lost 49,000 jobs in February. Employment services shrank by 88,000 jobs. Hotels and restaurants lost 32,000 jobs. Health care remained a rare bright spot, adding 30,000 jobs.”

Even during a recession, with millions of jobs having disappeared, health care continues to be a promising career field of opportunity. Online degree and certificate programs are available in nursing, dental hygiene, medical office, medical coding & billing, health care administration and pharmacy.

Although some health care programs require completion of practical or on-the-job training, others are offered completely online. This e-learning option saves travel time and expenses.

Judging from the constant flow of people into “The Bodies” exhibit, there is no shortage of interest in human anatomy. But for those who want to take their desire for knowledge a step further, an online degree in health care may be the ticket to a recession-proof career.

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Bill Gates & You — A Recipe for Success?

Friday, January 30th, 2009

Bill Gates was a junior at Harvard University in 1975, when he left school to cultivate a business that he and a friend had just started.

Although graduation day was less than 2 years away, Gates believed he needed to act quickly to get ahead of the crowd in developing software for the growing computer industry. And after all, he had already distinguished himself at Harvard with his programming skills and knowledge of computers.

Of course, the rest is history; and his business, Microsoft, is a household word.

For individuals today, there are five things to keep in mind in the search for a successful career:

  • Like Bill Gates, it is still crucial for individuals to develop a career plan, invest in acquiring knowledge and skills, then diligently work to pursue a vision for filling an unmet need in a growing industry.
  • This is a great time to plan for the future, even though there is a slowdown in the current economy.
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics offers a look at which industries are expected to grow significantly. The usual suspects — health care, education, information technology, criminal Justice, computer science, and others — are broad in scope and provide a wide berth in choosing a particular career.
  • Creativity in the career search and job preparation phase contributes greatly to standing out among the crowd.
  • Environmental issues, the growth in technology, a transformation in population demographics, and changes in how people and businesses spend their money will help define trends in the job market.

Once a career vision is clear, knowledge and skills are readily available through online degree programs, online classes and vocational certificate programs.

Elearning is the future of education; and staying out of tuition debt is possible by researching online schools to find the best bang for the buck. The availability of scholarships, federal grants and low-interest loans are often an unexpected bonus for returning students.

Not everyone will experience the same success as Bill Gates, but many will find their niche, along with sufficient income, a higher standard of living and a sense of fulfillment. And along the journey, the love of family and friends often completes the picture; because relationship time remains intact when using a flexible online study format.

So say yes to a potential future of promise, originality, visionary foresight and, of course, success.

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