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-- Benjamin Franklin

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Happy Holidays from Directory of Schools

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

As the year draws to a close, Directory of Schools would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season.

Many of you have just breathed a sigh of relief after finishing your winter semester in an online degree program or in distance learning classes.

And although you are preparing to begin online school or on-campus courses again in a couple of weeks, we hope you will enjoy this time away from your studies and find renewal in body and spirit. Whether this renewal is found by spending time with loved ones, in giving time and resources to others who are less fortunate, or enjoying the bargain-hunting of after-Christmas sales, we wish you well.

The Directory of Schools staff would especially like to wish a safe and blessed holiday season to U.S. military men and women who are serving overseas in war zones, far from family and friends. Our wishes also extend to those who are spending their holiday season in military and veterans hospitals. May you find comfort, healing and encouragement in the prayers and good tidings of so many of us who are grateful for your commitment and sacrifice.

From our hearts to yours, Happy Holidays!

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From Armistice Day to Veterans Day: A Celebration of Soldiers

Monday, November 10th, 2008

Our soldiers — past and present — are a national treasure. They serve and fight in places where the majority of American citizens would never dare to tread.

They are our heroes.

The history of Veterans Day is simple, but profound. President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed November 11th, 1919, as the first Armistice Day — one year after an armistice, or cease-fire, ended the hostilities during World War I.

November 11th was set aside each year to honor the soldiers who fought against Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey in that ’Great War’, also known as the “war to end all wars”.

In 1938, Armistice Day became a legal holiday. But when World War II came along and involved such a massive effort of manpower — approximately 100 million Allies and Axis soldiers, it was time for a change. So in 1954, during President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s term, Congresss passed an amendment changing the word “Armistice” to the word “Veterans”.

Armistice Day then became Veterans Day, which honors the U.S. veterans of all wars.

The debt of gratitude owed to the members of the nation’s military service members can never be repaid; but the debt owed to those who fought and still fight on foreign soil is a priceless gift of sacrifice.

President Eisenhower once said: “History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid.” He was right.

May we always honor and remember those who stood strong and courageous and to whom we owe our precious freedoms.

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Unique Online School Woos Military & Law Enforcement Personnel to Intelligence Careers

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

If he were a real person, James Bond would approve.

And even for those who enjoy James Bond movies, it doesn’t get much better than this: an accredited online school that specializes in preparing graduates for careers in the U.S. Intelligence Community.

Imagine learning from top security specialists, with training input and teleconferencing lectures from current and former members of the FBI, CIA, Secret Service, NCIS, and DEA.  

This extraordinary distance-learning opportunity is available at Henley-Putnam University, in partnership with American Sentinel University. Henley-Putnam specializes in e-learning degrees in Terrorism/Counterterrorism, Protection Management, Intelligence and Strategic Security.   

Due to the high level of security information that is imparted to Henley-Putnam students, as well as the probability that graduates will be employed in sensitive areas of government and private industry, applicants must pass a background check before being accepted into the school.

Students may earn online bachelor’s and master’s degrees, or the new online doctorate degree in Strategic Security. 

Henry-Putnam University, a military-friendly school, particularly encourages applications from active-duty service members and honorably-discharged veterans who are interested in advancing their careers in the Intelligence/Security industry. The school also covets applications from law enforcement personnel and those in private industry who would benefit from specialized training focusing on these security fields.

Depending upon the major focus, courses may include: Terrorist Techniques; the Psychology of Terrorism; Introduction to Threat Assessment; Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear Weapons; Essentials of Executive Protection; History of Executive/Dignitary Protection; Protective Security Law; Covert Action; Propaganda and Disinformation and other classes.

James Bond may not be a real-life character; but the flesh-and-blood men and women of the intelligence community are the true heroes who are responsible for the safety of our nation.

And Henley-Putnam is ready to train new additions to this elite team of highly-regarded professionals.

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From Soldier to CIA Operative and Other Post-Military Careers

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Movies like the Bourne Identity have glamorized the idea of working for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in clandestine service.  

After all, who wouldn’t want a career that offers an excellent salary with great benefits, international travel opportunities with major expenses paid, excellent language training, working with top-notch personnel, and operating in a fast-paced, dynamic environment. For a select group of people, this describes the ultimate job.

For others, there are are a number of interesting jobs within the CIA that do not involve the cloak-and-dagger aspect and that offer similar great salaries and benefits. But it helps to be a self-motivated, high-achiever; since job applicants will find that competition is keen for any position.

Fortunately, military personnel are in a prime position to snag one of these jobs, depending upon qualifications and service record — including education and experience.  Distance learning offers perfect preparation for those who plan to apply for a CIA career. 

And those who have taken advantage of their military benefits to pursue a traditional or online degree program may find it easier to walk into a lucrative and exciting career that capitalizes on the soldier’s unique background and training.

These are a few of those post-military career possibilities with the CIA:

  1. National Clandestine Service Officer, which often involves living and working in a foreign country. 
  2. Scientists, Engineers and Technology Specialists, which may involve developing and implementing technolgies that are not for general or widespread use.
  3. Analysts in the fields of psychology, economics, leadership, military strategy, medical and health, crime and counternarcotics, politics, science, technology and more.
  4. Language Officers, including those who are already fluent in required languages, as well as those who will receive language training by the CIA to meet job qualifications.
  5. Support services include jobs that are available to talented individuals who have training and qualifications in a number of fields – including finance, architecture, logistics, cartography, human resources, library science, accounting, security, nursing, paralegal, criminal justice, psychology, telecommunications, etc.

Jumping from life as a soldier into a career with the CIA offers continuity in government service; it offers another honorable opportunity to serve the nation.

E-learning through online schools offers the opportunity to gain the knowledge and credentials that will be necessary to win one of the coveted spots with the CIA.

And those who are successful in their quest can enjoy a stimulating, unique and rewarding career.

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Five-Step Career Plan for Military Personnel

Monday, May 26th, 2008

At duty stations around the world, military personnel ask themselves which course of study will lead to a lucrative and challenging career once they separate from military service.

In other words, how does military training and experience translate into a well-paying mainstream job after assigned duty in the armed forces? 

Although the U.S. economy is currently unsteady, G.I.’s can increase their chances for career success by preparing for it while still on active or reserve duty.

These are five ways to help prepare for a future career “on the economy”: 

  1. Capitalize on the current military job. Many soldiers already receive valuable on-the-job experience in a number of fields — including computer science, legal services, business, electronics, telecommunications, engineering, health administration, nursing, teaching, food preparation and security. With a college degree or professional certificate, any of these jobs could lead to a satisfying career down the road.
  2. Use the Bureau of Labor Statistics to research possible career paths. The BLS website offers valuable information about specific jobs — including necessary training and credentials, pay scale, work duties, environment and whether future job opportunities are expected to grow or shrink. Just type the occupation into the search box — like “paralegal“; and a wealth of information appears about that job.
  3. Enroll in an accredited online degree program. Take advantage of the financial assistance that the military provides to pursue the chosen career through distance learning or traditional classes offered on the base. Gain new skills or enhance current skills; and bump up resume credentials for what may be a competitive job search ahead.
  4. Be diligent in successfully performing all college coursework, thereby building an impressive educational record and honing learning skills that will enhance later job performance.
  5. Avoid negative performance ratings or disciplinary red marks while in the military — especially those that lead to a dishonorable discharge. Employers often perform a routine background check before hiring employees for sensitive positions or promotions within their companies. Although the employer may denied access to details of the infraction, any hint of a problem may suffice enough to keep a potential problem candidate out of a job.

Wise employers value the experience, discipline, work ethic and loyalty that they can count on in those who have successfully served out their military service. And often, the military veteran has a favorable advantage when all else is equal.

So  plan ahead to increase the chances of a sweet career payoff down the road.

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Air Force Saves Millions of Taxpayer Dollars Through E-learning Classes

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

According to Air Force Link, a source of current Air Force news, the switch from traditional air transporation classes to online classes has saved taxpayers and the military approximately $21 million since 2004.

For example, one popular class –Air Freight – would have cost almost $4.3 million using the traditional classroom model. But with e-learning, the cost was reduced to $265,000.

Also, by changing to the more flexible distance learning format, over 4,700 Airmen were able to access this class from almost anywhere and at any time.

Eight air transportation classes are offered to online to military personnel in a way that efficiently provides necessary training; and all of the classes are accredited by Community College of the Air Force.  Classes include: Aerial Port Vehicles, Global Air Transportation Execution System, Air Terminal Operations Center, Data Records and others.

The huge success of e-learning has encouraged plans for the Mobility Operations School Air Transportation Branch to offer additional classes in the future. In 2007, approximately 10,700 Airmen took advantage of the online air transporation courses.

Distance learning has continued to make remarkable strides in growth and revenue in the non-military sector as well, with over 3.5 million students choosing to enroll in at least one online class during the fall of 2006. This statistic was documented in a study by the Sloan Foundation, which collected data from over 2,500 colleges and universities.

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Kaplan Offers Tuition Discount for Active Duty Military

Saturday, February 2nd, 2008

Kaplan University, a popular online and on-campus school, offers a tuition discount for active duty military personnel.

The college, which is part of Kaplan Higher Education, has approximately 38,000 students enrolled in over 100 higher education programs. A graduation ceremony held today in Miami by Kaplan University celebrated the accomplishments of 1,894 online students.

The tuition discount is one of several unique services available to military students. Kaplan also provides counselors, Armed Forces Admissions Advisors, who are familiar with the special challenges faced by those who may be stationed overseas as well as veterans. These counselors also have information about financial aid that can significantly lower or eliminate the cost of going back to college. 

Kaplan is a fully accredited university with a special mission toward the men and women of the armed forces. With years of experience and an excellent reputation, it is a school worth pursuing. 

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Strayer University Offers Scholarship Supplements for Military

Monday, November 5th, 2007

It is rare to register for classes at a private university and find that the total due on the tuition bill is zero.

But that is what is happening to a group of students at Strayer University.

Strayer University offers generous financial aid benefits to military personnel through its Military Scholarship Supplements program, its partnership with GoArmyEd and its membership in the Servicemembers Opportunity College (SOC). Eligible students may be able to attend college with no out-of-pocket tuition expenses.

Scholarships are offered by Strayer to aid active-duty and other military personnel.  Those who are eligible will be offered enough scholarship money to cover what is not paid by military assistance programs or other resources.  Undergraduate tuition may be paid up to 100%.

Strayer is both an accredited online school and a traditional college with 53 campus locations. It has been around since 1892.

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Financial Aid Bill Passes Senate

Friday, July 20th, 2007

The Senate has just passed a bill to provide the largest increase in financial aid to college students since the G.I. bill of 1944. The House recently passed the Cost Reduction Act of 2007; and a compromise of the two bills will be formulated for passage into law.

President Bush has threatened to veto the bill in its current form, emphasizing that the majority of aid in its proposal benefits students who are out of school, rather than targeting low and middle-income students who need additional financial aid to complete their college education.

Highlights of the current bill are as follows:

  • an increase in aid to Pell Grant recipients
  • student loan repayment to be capped at a percentage of the student’s income
  • loan forgiveness for public service professionals after making 10 years of payments
  • a repayment of $700 million toward the federal deficit

Rather than raising taxes, the provisions of the bill would be funded by cutting approximately $18 billion in government subsidies from banks that issue federally-backed student loans. The Senate bill does not include a lowering of student loan interest rates for low and middle-income students.

Senator Edward Kennedy indicated that the fine-tuning of the bill between the Senate and House is expected to be seamless. It is possible that the bill will become law by the beginning of the fall semester 2007 if it meets with White House approval.

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Air Force Offers Online Bachelor’s Degree

Thursday, June 14th, 2007

Have you ever heard of Air University (AU)? If you are not in the U.S. Air Force, it may not ring a bell.

But apparently AU is the center of professional education for Air Force personnel and civilians, especially those who require training related to air and space power. It has been around since 1946 and is located in Alabama; where the Wright Brothers created the first U.S. civilian flying school in Montgomery in 1910.

However, Air University is in the news because beginning today, June 15th, airmen (the term includes both men and women) may earn their bachelor’s degree via distance learning by applying community college credits to a number of university and college programs that have been approved by the Air Force. The Air Force has high educational standards and encourages college aspirations; so it is a given that these approved schools are required to be accredited.

The new online degree program for airmen has several key components:

  1. Active duty Air Force, National Guard and Air Force Reserve airmen are eligible.
  2. The program focuses on those who will be able to complete their online bachelor’s degree within 60 units or less.
  3. Tuition assistance for airmen is available at 100% for up to $250 per semester hour, with a maximum cap of $4,500 per year. Text books are not covered.
  4. Eligible students can go to one website, the Air Force Virtual Education Center, for all educational needs, including choosing a school, applying for tuition assistance, and enrolling in a program.
  5. Even when the student leaves the military, he/she may continue their program until coursework is completed.
  6. Those who are deployed may study and work toward their degree even while overseas.

Distance learning is opening doors for so many who cannot attend classes in a traditional classroom. Imagine a soldier, deployed to Iraq or other locations, being able to pass the time by furthering his or her education. The additional college training will likely be valuable in the military job; and once out of the military, the college degree will be valuable in the veteran’s chosen civilian career.

The Air Force has a win-win situation happening here, don’t you think?

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