"Education is the most
powerful weapon which
you can use to change
the world".

-- Nelson Mandela



"Genius without education
is like silver in the mine."
-- Benjamin Franklin

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Sasha Fierce’s Non-Traditional Education Contributed to Fame

Friday, October 24th, 2008

When one young lady decided to pursue a career in the music business, traditional school just wouldn’t cut it.

So along the way, her parents chose a combination of homeschooling and tutors to enable her to focus on developing the musical gifts that were obvious to all. The family sacrificed in unusual ways to help nurture these gifts and to provide guidance, wisdom and protection to this young woman as the seeds of fame began to blossom.

Like other talented and hard-working young musicians, artists, and actors before and after her; she studied at times that fit her busy schedule. And as a result, she earned a high school diploma while embracing her dream career.

These days, she may call herself ‘Sasha Fierce’; but her fans simply call her ‘Beyonce’. This superstar diva and former member of the R&B group, Destiny’s Child, has succeeded, with the support of a loving Christian family, in reaching a goal that few ever attain.

Interestingly, in discussions regarding non-traditional education, it is seldom mentioned that gifted children are among those whose parents often choose homeschooling. But even at the postsecondary level, these ‘talents’ crave the advantage of being free from the rigid class schedules of traditional colleges and universities.

After all, when a musical prodigy is offered a ‘gig’ that involves travel during the school year, or a young actor lands the lead role in a movie that is being filmed ‘on location’ hundreds of mile away from school, or a young Olympic-track skier must seek a snow-laden training environment during fall and spring, choosing the flexibility of homeschooling, online high school or online degree programs may make all the difference.

Of course, these are unique individuals; because they are passionate about working diligently and consistently. And they are visionaries – willing to make difficult sacrifices and yield to the counsel of supportive parents or guardians for future success.

Yet higher education is even more flexible today for this niche of students, with computers dominating any discussion regarding flexibility and convenience. This new generation is joined at the hip to anything related to technology — whether it be cell phones, video games, personal computers, iPods, Educational Tools sites or Skype.  So for them, online degrees require little or no acclimation.

Future stargazing prodigies will make sacrifices, just as Beyonce ‘Sasha Fierce’ Knowles did. And they may feel like square pegs in round holes around their peers.

But it appears that online schools are destined to be, for them, a perfect fit.

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Six Ways Virtual High Schools Prepare Students for Online College

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

Students like Alyssia and Andrew McRoyal, who attend IQ Academy Arizona, will have no trouble transitioning from their virtual high school to an online college degree program.

They, along with fellow 14-year old cyber-classmate Carl Wilson, are enjoying the flexibility that has drawn millions of students to the e-learning phenomena.  IQ Academy has enrolled approximately 500 students in this unique program; and in addition, a laptop computer and a printer are provided, compliments of the $6,000 per student garnered in tax dollars.

Similar programs across the U.S. may become primary feeders into accredited online degree programs.

Those who successfully navigate the challenges of independent learning in high school have an advantage if they later choose an online college to further their education.  Armed with a user-friendly predisposition toward distance learning along with the skills mastered during homeschooling, these students move ahead of the class in college e-learning.

These skills include:

  1. the ability to adequately use a computer, software applications and the Internet
  2. the ability to effectively communicate with teachers via e-mail, message boards, and other Internet forums
  3. the ability to manage and budget study time
  4. the ability to complete course assignments with little or no teacher intervention
  5. the ability to read and comprehend course materials at a high level
  6. the ability to follow detailed teacher instructions

IQ joins a growing number of innovative alternative schools that enable students to learn at home via specially-designed, computer-based classes that are monitored by and funded by the state.  This high-tech homeschool program has the advantage of adding tax dollars to school coffers while meeting the needs of students who prefer to skip the negative aspects of enrolling in a traditional public high school.

Critics of virtual high schools cite the outdated excuse that homeschool students are not properly socialized. But tell that to Alyssia and Andrew, who are active in church activities, music pursuits and part-time jobs. Studies have generally found that homeschool students are better socialized; because their social patterns are learned from parents and adults rather than from youthful peers.

Carl Wilson is enjoying online classes in chemistry, Spanish III, pre-calculus, psychology, English, geography and world history. He completes his daily coursework in about 6 hours and is not bored, like he was in the traditional school setting.

IQ Academy is expected to extend its online offerings to 7th and 8th graders next year as distance learning preparation seeps down to even younger students.

It is apparent that the leap from homeschool to online college is not so far after all.

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