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powerful weapon which
you can use to change
the world".

-- Nelson Mandela



"Genius without education
is like silver in the mine."
-- Benjamin Franklin

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Netbooks: A Low-Cost Alternative for Online Students

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

I was pleasantly surprised to find a mini-notebook computer, called a netbook, selling recently for as little as $299.

At Costco, for example, netbooks with 120-160GB hard drive are flying off the shelves.

Versions of this mini-laptop computer — manufactured by HP, Acer, Asus and Dell — are being snapped up by consumers, including students. Even Apple plans to join the fray by unveiling its own version of the netbook this year.

This e-learning tool is a godsend for online students. And potential students who plan to enroll in online schools, online degree programs or online classes have another way to save money.

Many netbooks use Intel’s Atom processor and work surprisingly well. To add to the allure of the low price, netbooks are generally Internet-ready and equipped with a webcam.

Students can easily carry the lightweight 2.2 pound computers all over the world and remain connected to teachers and classmates with email and through Skype, which allows users to see each other face to face while talking through the computer.

If you have ever traveled with a laptop computer, you know how heavy and awkward they can be — especially when going through security at airports. But netbooks slip easily into a small carry-on or a medium-sized purse. They are extra light and super-convenient for travel.

The word in the computer industry (and in the New York TImes) is that netbooks are the only computers that are turning a profit. And once students check them out, they will see why.

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Florida Students Leave Bullies Behind with New E-learning Law

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

Beginning in the fall of 2009, a significant percentage of Florida’s K-12 students may never have to be concerned about rain, snow, sleet or hail on their way to school.

They may never again have to worry about the school bully or how to make it into the ‘in crowd’.

And their parents may save the big bucks usually spent on back-to-school clothes, as well as the hefty costs of gasoline used for carting children to and from the local public school.

The reason for this is, however, both historical and heavily-laden with ‘next generation’ implications. Why? Because Florida is the first state in the nation to require every public school district to offer a virtual school option for students in grades K-12, beginning in fall 2009.

Theoretically, a Florida child entering kindergarten next year may be able to study at home via computer all the way through high school graduation.

School districts, currently scrambling to comply, are free to implement the new state law by choosing one of the 3 C’s: create their own online school program, collaborate with another school district or contract with an approved distance learning provider.

The implications for the future of higher education are jarring. After all, if a student spends 13 years enjoying the flexibility of being able to fit study time in with family, travel, work and extracurricular activities, why would that student then choose to be tied down to the rigid schedule of a brick and mortar college or university?

Most likely, if distance learning has worked for 13 years, then online degree programs will appeal to these e-learners after high school. And since the success of the Florida law will spur additional states to follow suit, it is possible that in the future, traditional college degree programs will dwindle in demand as online degrees continue to increase in popularity.

But for now, Florida parents and students have some tough decisions to make regarding the fall 2009 school year, like whether to buy new school clothes . . . or not.

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Ten E-learning Trends To Watch for Your Future

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Like trout in a well-stocked lake, e-learning classes just keep on multiplying.

And even though college students are wading deeper into online degree waters, both traditional and online schools are feeding the frenzy by developing new distance learning offerings every day.

Because of this feeding frenzy, it may be wise for everyone to pay attention to these e-learning trends:

  1. Online degree programs and online schools will continue to experience a significant growth in enrollment, eventually surpassing the demand for traditional on-campus programs. Depending on the career focus, some online degree programs will be blended – incorporating online classes with one or more face-to-face sessions and/or practical training experience.
  2. Tech-savvy high school graduates will balk at the traditional college experience and will favor technology-rich online degree programs in order to enjoy travel opportunities, grab a head start on careers or to earn money for college expenses.
  3. Distance-learning programs in elementary, junior high and high schools will become a normal part of the curriculum landscape as school districts unearth unique learning opportunities for students that are unavailable through traditional classroom media.
  4. As education technology fine tunes the delivery system for distance learning, the required training for future classroom teachers will include several classes on how to utilize distance-learning technology to enhance the learning experiences of students. Continuing education classes for teachers will offer a goldmine of courses related to online learning.
  5. The demand will heat up for qualified instructors to teach online classes. These jobs will be snapped up like hotcakes as teachers discover the flexibility of being able to schedule their own time and work from home or from any location with an Internet connection.
  6. Most future employers will treat accredited online school graduates the same as traditional school graduates during hiring, as long as the necessary qualifications for the job are met. In fact, a significant number of employers will have successfully completed at least one online college class, with many holding online degrees themselves.
  7. Traditional colleges will continue to pour millions of dollars into expanding their online course offerings due to growing student demand. Colleges and universities that ignore the vital role of distance learning will watch their enrollment numbers decrease, as students flock to schools that utilize the latest technology and teaching methods.
  8. Stock market investors will discover that financially-successful online education companies remain a hot commodity with steady growth.
  9. High transportation costs will influence the changing face of a college education. As distance learning becomes a key player in removing cars and drivers off the road to save gas, the conservation of energy and reduction of pollution will reign as all-important. Millions of students will choose to ‘go green’ and study at home.
  10. Online education will increase options and opportunities for physically disabled students who are intellectually able to successfully complete online degree programs or professional certificate coursework. This group of graduates will continue to shine as a vital part of the workforce, with the ability to compete for well-paying jobs and earn an independent living.

Those who have an ear to hear will be able to take note of future trends and make plans accordingly. Online education, although just a piece of the life puzzle, is a piece worth watching.

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