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Great Customer Service Pays Off for Online Schools

Friday, November 2nd, 2007

Historically, traditional colleges have not been user-friendly for the working adult.

With these colleges generally keeping regular 9 to 5 office hours, it has been difficult for full-time employees to make appointments with on-campus counselors, purchase textbooks or visit their professors during office hours. To do so required taking time off from work.

The for-profit online schools recognized the problem and found a solution that was win-win for everyone. Students could complete an accredited online degree without ever setting foot on a college campus.

According to Investor’s Business Daily, distance learning universities like Capella and Strayer have the edge in customer service over traditional schools. As a result, these and other high-quality online schools continue to attract students — and investors — at an impressive rate. Profits are up for education stockholders; and students keep enrolling at record rates.

For example, Strayer’s enrollment has grown about 15% each year. Their focus is on retaining their e-learning students through graduation; so customer service is a high priority.

Successful distance learning universities offer students a smooth registration process, friendly and helpful financial aid counseling, personal attention through graduation, access to extensive 24-hour online libraries, fully stocked round-the-clock online bookstores and more. Teachers are highly-qualified, available by e-mail and message boards, and well-versed in the technologies of the online delivery system.

Traditional colleges are scurrying to increase their online offerings; though many did not take the distance education movement seriously. However, the popularity of online classes and online degree programs has forced the hand of these schools, motivating them to give students the flexibility they want, or risk losing them to savvy schools with extensive online choices.

According to Investor’s Business Daily, traditional colleges and universities are expected to corner 68% of the online student market in 2008, up from 65% in 2005.

But they still need to polish up their customer service. And that is where online schools continue to shine.

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