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From Soldier to CIA Operative and Other Post-Military Careers

Movies like the Bourne Identity have glamorized the idea of working for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in clandestine service.  

After all, who wouldn’t want a career that offers an excellent salary with great benefits, international travel opportunities with major expenses paid, excellent language training, working with top-notch personnel, and operating in a fast-paced, dynamic environment. For a select group of people, this describes the ultimate job.

For others, there are are a number of interesting jobs within the CIA that do not involve the cloak-and-dagger aspect and that offer similar great salaries and benefits. But it helps to be a self-motivated, high-achiever; since job applicants will find that competition is keen for any position.

Fortunately, military personnel are in a prime position to snag one of these jobs, depending upon qualifications and service record — including education and experience.  Distance learning offers perfect preparation for those who plan to apply for a CIA career. 

And those who have taken advantage of their military benefits to pursue a traditional or online degree program may find it easier to walk into a lucrative and exciting career that capitalizes on the soldier’s unique background and training.

These are a few of those post-military career possibilities with the CIA:

  1. National Clandestine Service Officer, which often involves living and working in a foreign country. 
  2. Scientists, Engineers and Technology Specialists, which may involve developing and implementing technolgies that are not for general or widespread use.
  3. Analysts in the fields of psychology, economics, leadership, military strategy, medical and health, crime and counternarcotics, politics, science, technology and more.
  4. Language Officers, including those who are already fluent in required languages, as well as those who will receive language training by the CIA to meet job qualifications.
  5. Support services include jobs that are available to talented individuals who have training and qualifications in a number of fields – including finance, architecture, logistics, cartography, human resources, library science, accounting, security, nursing, paralegal, criminal justice, psychology, telecommunications, etc.

Jumping from life as a soldier into a career with the CIA offers continuity in government service; it offers another honorable opportunity to serve the nation.

E-learning through online schools offers the opportunity to gain the knowledge and credentials that will be necessary to win one of the coveted spots with the CIA.

And those who are successful in their quest can enjoy a stimulating, unique and rewarding career.

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