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"Education is the most
powerful weapon which
you can use to change
the world".

-- Nelson Mandela



"Genius without education
is like silver in the mine."
-- Benjamin Franklin

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Kaplan Grads Invest in Online Degrees for Lifetime Profit

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

No one wants to be in debt anymore; and that is, perhaps, a wise decision, given current economic conditions.

But some things are consistently worth the investment of money, according to financial experts, even when those expenditures involve taking on reasonable debt.

A college education steadfastly remains in this category.

When approached wisely, online degree programs offer students a college education without causing excessive or burdensome debt.

For example, at Kaplan University, students may pursue an accredited online Master’s Degree in Public Health that may be completed in two years. Tuition is reasonable and often lower than at traditional private colleges. In addition, students may opt to gain work experience and earn full-time income while taking online classes.

After graduation, a Master’s in Public Health degree qualifies grads to work as health service managers, health care professionals and epidemiologists, earning potential salaries between $62,170 and $104,120, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

If a student qualifies for grants or scholarships, the tuition bill requires less out-of-pocket money. Student loans are great for those who qualify, offering exceptionally low interest rates and extended repayment periods.

Graduates may pursue private or government jobs in the health care field, a field that has continued to add thousands of jobs every month throughout the recession and economic recovery.

Students who choose to major in this field at Kaplan, and other high-quality schools, are well-ahead of others who attempt to enter the health services profession without an advanced degree.

Of course, individuals must study diligently and commit to finishing their online education program in order to be well-prepared for the best employment opportunities. Students should also consider gaining related work experience in order to complement the excellent knowledge that is provided throughout the online master’s degree program.

Those who proceed with all of this in mind should significantly increase their chances of landing a job in this fast-growing industry.

The wise investment in a health care services career could earn graduates high dividends in improved lifestyle, higher salaries, and greater fulfillment.

Each potential student should consider the pros and cons of enrolling in an online master’s degree program, based upon their individual circumstances.

After enrolling in this Kaplan accredited online degree program, students can expect two years of focused and challenging studies. Others with more demanding responsibilities may extend their studies by taking only one or two online classes at a time.

Either way, the health services industry offers a rewarding career that is worth every penny of its reasonable investment.

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When Good Economic News is Disguised as Bad

Monday, January 10th, 2011

The recent employment report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics was positive for the month of December.

So why did it receive such a pessimistic reception from the media?

Perhaps it really is true that good news has to be transformed into bad news before we will buy newspapers, tune into CNN, or click onto computer news sites.

At least, that is how the news media perceives its readers.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. unemployment rate is at its lowest point in 19 months, having dropped to 9.4% in December from 9.8% in November.

That is good news.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics further states that 103,000 jobs were added to the economy in December. In fact, approximately 90,000 jobs were added in each month of 2010.

This certainly sounds like good news.

The jobs report even threw in a surprise. A total of 70,000 additional jobs were added in October and November of 2010 that were not counted in those months. So the count was actually higher than originally reported.

This is unexpected good news.

Even Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke added his positive input a few days ago by telling the Senate Budget Committee that ” . . . the pace of economic recovery seems likely to be moderately stronger in 2011 than it was in 2010 . . . “.

Maybe I am overly optimistic; but that really sounds like encouraging good news.

The Wall Street Journal’s article yesterday, “Weak Hiring Casts a Cloud” by Sara Murray, interestingly chronicles all of this information and more. Yet there is no celebratory tone or hopeful feel.

Unfortunately, the media has added their ‘doom and gloom’ spin to related articles, so all of that good news has been transformed into bad news. The vocabulary of recent economic news accounts says it best, with words and phrases like “unsustainable”, “cautious”, and “economic weakness” sprinkled in between the positive reports.

So, basically, December was a great month for economic recovery; and things are looking up in the New Year for those who are seeking employment.

Competition for jobs will continue to be keen. So those applicants who earn additional training, professional certificates, traditional degrees or online degrees will likely be viewed more favorably by discerning employers.

Remember that economic recovery is moving forward; and no one wants to be left behind.

So learn to peel away bad news reports whenever you can; and act accordingly with the good news you unearth.

Then . . . smile.

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Five reasons the new FAFSA should be filed quickly

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

The thought of filling out financial aid forms may be torturous; but this should not be the case.

A newly-designed online FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) was unveiled today — January 1st.

Now, wise students are able to get the jump on applying for college aid.

And the good news is that the FAFSA is more user-friendly than ever.

It is also important for financial aid seekers to note the reasons they should quickly file their FAFSA:

  1. The filing of a FAFSA form is required for receiving any federal student aid funds, including Pell grants, student loans, work study, or other government monies for attending accredited traditional or online schools. Almost all colleges and universities also require the FAFSA for non-federal scholarships, loans and private aid.
  2. The FAFSA is only filled out once, whether it is for one higher education institution or several. This streamlines the financial aid application process for those who are applying to multiple schools.
  3. The early bird gets the worm. Students who file early have an advantage over procrastinators by being first in line for a portion of the government’s limited financial aid budget. Even though there are billions of financial aid dollars available, millions of students apply; and the funds are quickly allocated.
  4. The online FAFSA may be completed in a fairly short amount of time. With the required information readily available, it could take two hours or less. Applicants may opt to fill out the FAFSA over several days, saving the form with a password and returning later to complete it.
  5. The FAFSA may be amended after it is filed, up to a deadline date in Sepember 2011. The best strategy is to fill out the online FAFSA, using 2009 tax return information, then amend the form once details of the 2010 tax return are available.

Since the most important part of the college application process may be the filing of financial aid information, applicants should file the FAFSA as soon as possible (ASAP).

An early application enables students to receive the best financial aid package for which they are eligible, along with peace of mind.

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