"Education is the most
powerful weapon which
you can use to change
the world".

-- Nelson Mandela



"Genius without education
is like silver in the mine."
-- Benjamin Franklin

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Plenty of Tech Jobs Headed Our Way this New Year and Beyond

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Now is a great time to reflect and make plans to insure a more prosperous New Year.

Viable plans may include deciding whether to continue in the same profession or to train for a more lucrative one.

According to recent reports, technology is a field that is expected to grow significantly, adding a large number of new jobs.

The Press Democrat newspaper in Sonoma County reports that technology jobs will play a key role in getting people back to work during the economic recovery.

In the article, Tech to Show Way (11-29-10), jobs in technology are also expected to help move some local counties out of the recession.

“Fast growing tech companies are now forecast to help rescue the local economy as the sector adds high-paying jobs and attracts outside money from investors, according to a new report by Moody’sEconomy.com. . . During the next five years, the tech sector will account for nearly half of the fastest growing occupations in the county, according to the Moody’s forecast.”

Technology jobs include computer analysts, software designers, engineers, systems analysts, telecommunications specialists, and computer scientists. Those trained in these and other areas will likely staff the tech companies that are already poised to blossom and grow.

Fast-growing tech jobs often require a bachelor’s degree, associate’s degree or professional certificate. On-the-job training and continuing education may also enhance those skills and help employees remain plugged into the most current technological trends.

Online degree programs are the most convenient way to earn the credentials that are necessary for jobs in the tech sector. This is a great time to enroll in online schools, while federal student loans and grants are still available to help all eligible students pay for their higher education classes.

The next few years should offer amazing employment opportunities to well-prepared individuals who are trained in technology fields.

Those who are interested in a high-tech career should choose an education plan that will prepare them to qualify for well-paying jobs in the New Year and beyond.

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Why Employers Hate to Love Online Degree Applicants

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Employers are in a tough spot these days.

Every time they list a job opening, applicants flood their places of business.

And as can be expected in a high-tech world, many applicants hold accredited online degrees, which still create hiring barriers for some employers.

But these motivated graduates often had barriers of their own in earning a college degree; so they found another way — online learning.

And although this form of learning is not an easy road, they sacrificed time and money to study and learn via computer in order to strengthen job skills and earn necessary credentials.

Employers cannot deny the fortitude, perseverance and discipline that is inherent in these applicants; but a few still have difficulty with the concept of online degrees.

Yet over time, more naysayers are discovering the following about e-learning graduates:

  • A large percentage of online degree graduates are military students, who maintained their grades through graduation, while being transferred to several different duty stations — including locations in active war zones.
  • Working dads and moms, who juggle numerous responsibilities, are another admirable group.
  • Others include disadvantaged inner city grads, physically challenged grads, English as a second language grads, and single parents who transcended insurmountable odds to earn college diplomas.

Although some would love to discount their accomplishments, wise employers quickly learn that online degree graduates of accredited online schools are a valuable commodity.

And soon, employers find themselves whistling a new tune of admiration instead.

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Earning a College Degree is Still a Great Accomplishment

Saturday, December 11th, 2010

It is no surprise that prospective students are confused about whether to proceed with a college education.

The high price of tuition has millions feeling frustrated; and many are asking whether returning to school is worth the time, effort or cost.

As a result, quite a few folks give up without fully exploring their options.

So they end up closing the door on what could have been one of the most transforming opportunities of a lifetime.

Yet, no one should give up their college dreams, because the following is still true about higher education:

  • Overall, college graduates make significantly more money than those without a degree.
  • Skilled and well-educated applicants still walk away with the best jobs over unskilled applicants.
  • Gaining an advanced degree is necessary for moving into management and administrative positions in most fields, i.e. in business, criminal justice, health care, and other high-demand careers.
  • There are painless ways to pay for an education through scholarships, Pell Grants, military education plans, employee tuition reimbursement programs, low-cost student loans, community colleges, tuition-free state colleges, working and paying for college while enrolled in online schools, etc. Some of these are not well-publicized and have to be unearthed before and during the enrollment process.
  • The satisfaction and fulfillment of gaining a college education is priceless.

Of course, it is important to make an informed decision about where to enroll, which career options offer the best jobs, whether to enroll in full or part-time education programs, and how to pay for it.

But most importantly, the answer is yes, a college education is now and always will be a worthy accomplishment.

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Online Criminal Justice Degrees Deliver Lucrative Job Prospects

Monday, December 6th, 2010

There is no need to holster your dreams of a criminal justice career.

Now, more than ever, a job in this field is well within your reach, especially if you prepare now to meet all academic, physical and mental qualifications.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities in the criminal justice field are favorable for qualified individuals, especially in densely populated areas. Growing cities need an increasing number of qualified criminal justice professionals; and prison officials are also needed for overcrowded penal institutions.

Recent news highlighting the latest airport security screening methods, upgraded terror alerts, and prisoner escapes offers a peek into the varied opportunities available in the criminal justice field.

Adventurous candidates are drawn to the excitement of apprehending the “bad guys” as law enforcement officers, while others may love the idea of working in the background to support the work of police officers and other homeland security agents.

Military veterans are particularly suited to law enforcement careers, due to previous military experience and training. However, others who are well-trained and intellectually prepared are also coveted candidates.

Support personnel may work in security or administrative positions that center around the process of bringing apprehended suspects to justice in the courtroom, securing them in penal institutions, and preventing the fruition of threats to national security.

If law enforcement is your dream, you may access the best jobs in this field through the completion of accredited higher education degrees and certificates. Criminals do not take a break; so why should you?

This is the best time to prepare for interesting and challenging work as a law enforcement officer, airport security personnel, prison guard, criminal investigator, fish and game warden, or other jobs that pertain to national, state or local security.

Of course, the most financially rewarding jobs are available to those who have bachelor’s or master’s degrees in criminal justice or homeland security. Supervisory and management positions almost always require an advanced degree; and an accounting or business background is helpful.

Yet, even associate’s degree graduates are routinely hired as police officers, especially since additional training is provided for qualified applicants. Law enforcement jobs generally offer excellent salaries and a wide range of valuable benefits.

Online schools enable working adults to earn a college degree at home when it is convenient. Interested individuals will find it easy to investigate the many possibilities in the criminal justice field by using reputable websites like Directory of Schools to find an accredited online college or university.

Future police officers, homeland security agents, prison personnel and others should respond to their desire for a criminal justice career by enrolling in accredited online degree programs today for tomorrow’s jobs.

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Moms Bask in the Marvelous World of Online Learning

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

The arrival of a new baby often signals the end of the new mom’s pursuit of a college education.

High day care costs, the desire to stay at home during the child’s early years, and the lack of flexibility in traditional schools once turned college dreams into distant memories.

But that has changed with the rise of distance learning technology, which has ushered in the unparalleled convenience of online learning.

Suddenly, moms are jettisoned back into the higher education equation. They now choose from a gourmet menu of career choices that are easily pursued via computer, one class at a time.

While infants and other children are sleeping, moms click through numerous study options on their computers, through reputable education sites like Directory of Schools.

For example, on the Directory of Schools website, moms are able to check up-to-date listings of popular online degree programs, online schools, and vocational programs. They may also choose from hundreds of education articles about popular careers.

After feeding and burping the baby, or putting toddlers down for a nap, moms may take a few minutes to fill out short and easy forms to have online school information packets sent to them, at no cost and no obligation. They can peruse financial aid information as well — without ever leaving home.

Moms may decide to take a long-term approach to earning a college diploma, so that when they are ready to return to the job market, they will be well-prepared with the latest skills and credentials.

Some moms may enroll in college classes to become better advocates and tutors for their children through the elementary, junior high and high school years. They want to be able to communicate more effectively with college-educated principals, counselors, and medical personnel, while increasing their understanding of any complex issues.

Others may simply want to learn more about raising children in order to improve parenting skills. Online classes in early childhood development and child psychology present information that can help dedicated parents become even better parents.

But the bottom line is that moms no longer have to wait until their children are older in order to pursue their dreams of earning a college diploma.

Thankfully, advances in technology continue to enable mothers to earn college degrees while experiencing the pregnancy and child-rearing years — by allowing them to take advantage of the marvelous benefits of online education.

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