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Barack Obama Champions Federal Funding for College Students

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

The College Cost Reduction Act of 2007, H.R. 2669, has passed the Senate and is headed for President Bush’s desk. It will increase financial aid to college students and decrease monetary incentives to the banks that handle student loans.

Included in this multifaceted education bill is a little-known boost for black colleges, compliments of presidential candidate, Senator Barack Obama, and Representative Danny Davis, both  from Illinois. More than 250, 000 students are expected to benefit from this portion of the legislation. Senator Obama is a member of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee and has introduced previous legislation to increase Pell Grants to all needy students.  

The Predominantly Black Institutions Act will, if approved by the President, provide $15 million to approximately 75 colleges and technical schools that primarily serve African American students.

For the complete article, click here.

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Stock Prices for Capella University Soar to New Heights

Monday, September 10th, 2007

According to the of Minneapolis-St. Paul, stock prices for Capella Education Company have more than doubled in less than a year, from $20 a share in its initial public offering (IPO) to about $50 a share.

Overall, analysts have watched online education stocks fare well, as enrollment in these distance-learning colleges continues to grow at roughly 20% a year.

Capella University, a for-profit online school, offers its degree programs exclusively over the Internet. Its reputation for high quality appeals primarily to motivated career professionals who desire to increase their marketable skills for on-the-job promotion or advancement. Capella’s successful business model has attracted investors; and Wall Street analysts expect Capella to continue to grow in both enrollment and profits.

Featured in our Top Ten Online Schools, Capella offers online bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees. 

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Pavarotti, Opera Superstar & Former Music Teacher, Dies of Cancer

Thursday, September 6th, 2007

Luciano Pavarotti, the world’s greatest tenor, succumbed this morning to pancreatic cancer at age 71 after being diagnosed just a year ago. Affectionately called ‘The Maestro’, he was considered to be the greatest operatic tenor in the world. He died at home in his beloved town of Modena, Italy.

As a young adult, Pavarotti attended college to become a music teacher. He was enticed into singing at an early age by observing his father’s love of music; and both joined the church choir. Pavarotti’s natural talent and passion for music were evident from the beginning; and after some encouragement from those close to him, he later left his position in education and sold insurance to pay for classical voice lessons. 

Winning a local music competition led to a minor operatic role; then subsequent roles followed in small opera houses throughout Europe. Eventually, Pavarotti caught the attention of conductor Richard Bonynge, who recommended him for a role opposite his wife, rising star Joan Sutherland. Pavarotti and Sutherland embarked on a 14-week tour to Australia, which jump-started Pavarotti’s illustrious career.

He was extraordinarily gifted with rare talent and became a crossover superstar who was proud to have reached over 1.5 billions people with opera. Although he did not read music, he performed with the top orchestras and opera companies in the world, including the San Francisco Opera and the New York Metropolitan Opera.  Pavarotti was called the “King of the High C’s” because he could rapidly sing nine high C’s, an unusual feat. A concert in 1990 with Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras, dubbed the ‘Three Tenors’ was recorded and nominated for two Grammys. A subsequent concert featuring the trio earned each performer $10 million.

Yet Pavarotti was also a humanitarian, performing in concerts with U2’s Bono to raise money for war-torn Bosnia. He also established a school in the city of Mostar, Bosnia –called the Pavarotti Music Center — to aid struggling children in that country. He assisted in raising money in 1988 for the thousands of victims in Armenia affected by a massive earthquake; and he participated in additional fund-raisers over the years.

The tabloids had a field day with Pavarotti in later years because of his battle with excessive weight gain, troubles with tax evasion in Italy, canceled concerts, a messy divorce from his wife of 35 years and the subsequent marriage to his former secretary, who had his child before they were married.

Still, the world has lost a great musical treasure in Pavarotti. He scaled heights in music that few have ever been able to match. And there is no doubt that his legacy is rock-solid in the international world of opera.

Goodnight, sweet tenor.

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Diploma Mill Degree Kills Oregon Coaching Opportunity for Dave Serrano

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

No one disputes the fine coaching skills of UC Irvine’s head coach, Dave Serrano. After all, in June 2007, he was named Coach of the Year by Baseball America after leading the Anteaters through an amazing season, which included their first opportunity to compete in the Division I College World Series.

And Dave Serrano’s stellar record, which included an 8-year stint as assistant coach at Cal State Fullerton, placed him as a frontrunner for the University of Oregon (UO) head coaching position. The UO job required a bachelor’s degree; and Serrano’s degree from The Trinity College and University met that requirement — or so he thought.

But upon closer scrutiny by the academic search committee, there was a major problem. Serrano’s alma mater turned out to be a diploma mill. Based in Malaga, Spain and registered in Dover, Delaware, the ’school’ sells college degrees for a fee. No classes or tests are required; and there is no reputable accreditation.

Once this information surfaced, the University of Oregon passed on Serrano. The total salary package for the job was $400,000.

The Trinity College and University has profited by choosing a name that is similar to the highly-ranked Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, which is accredited and was established in 1823. This is a strategy used by most diploma mills; but a quick internet search reveals that the diploma mill, which touts itself as an online school, merely asks for payment with no academic work required. The reputable college has numerous web pages highlighting its admissions requirements, faculty information, courses offered, etc.

Dave Serrano’s  diploma mill degree was easily exposed when someone decided to check into it. So don’t play with fire; earn your degree at an accredited online college or traditional school. Then you will not have to wait for the other shoe to drop.

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Not Too Late to Apply to Online Schools For This Fall

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

Once again, Labor Day is over; and it is time for the school year to begin. As some students head back to school, others who wanted to be in school may feel they have missed the boat.

But no need to worry; it is not too late to apply and receive an acceptance letter for this fall. At flexible online schools, like Western Governors University (WGU), applications are still being accepted and processed for the fall. Actually, the admissions process is ongoing for these online schools; so students are free to apply throughout the year.

Potential students must, of course, take the necessary placement tests, provide official transcripts from previous schools, and meet additional requirements. But once these requirements are satisfied, the admissions process generally moves quickly to evaluate the candidates’s qualifications. 

Those who would like to attend an accredited online school need not follow the traditional academic calendar. Online education is all about meeting the needs of students, especially adult learners.  So whenever the inspiration hits, potential students are able to purse the dream of a college education.

So don’t wait another day feeling that you missed out and must now wait a year before enrolling in school. Get the ball rolling and apply to online schools like WGU. In fact, check our list of Top Ten Online Schools to see if one of them strikes your fancy.

Happy studies!

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