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Westwood College

Westwood College

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Bachelor - Game Art

Game Art: Imagination + Technology = Magic.

Conceptual art... character modeling... game testing. Game art is a diverse and growing 21st century career field.

Game artists are essential to conceiving and developing visual content for the booming video game industry. And as testimony to the quality of Westwood's game art program, a number of our graduates have been featured or quoted in leading game art publications.

Westwood's faculty of working professionals brings invaluable experience and insights to the classroom, which means you'll graduate with real-life perspectives rather than just textbook theories.

You'll also have a student portfolio to demonstrate your skills to prospective employers, plus you'll enter the field with an actual game or interactive software product to your credit as part of your education.

Throw in courses such as 3D fundamentals and special effects, plus expertise in industry software (3DMax, Maya and Flash), and you'll launch your career with in-demand skills and knowledge.

Love video games? Turn that love into a career!

Not all programs available at all campuses.

Program offered is a Bachelor Degree.

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