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University of the Rockies - Ground

University of the Rockies - Ground

Doctor of Psychology, Criminology and Justice Studies Specialization

Attain your Doctor of Psychology, Criminology and Justice Studies Specialization at University of the Rockies.

Be a practitioner and a scholar with advanced courses and seminars in the arena of law enforcement and corrections. Earn expertise in cutting-edge theories of criminal behavior, and find real-world solutions. Explore how institutions process criminals through the correctional system, and learn to ensure due process. Distinguish between crimes and locate them within social and economic contexts. Discover proven methods to rehabilitate people, empowering them to return as productive members of society.

The Doctoral curriculum can open doors to a career in the criminal justice system, in designing and steering public policy, and in scholarly research at the highest level. You can make a difference.


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Program offered is a Doctorate Degree.

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