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University Canada West

University Canada West


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Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communications

The electronic and print media constitute one of the centrally important factors in the twenty-first century. From newspapers and magazines to television and the Internet, media has increasingly asserted its influence on contemporary life. As such, individuals, businesses and organizations look to ways to effectively use and analyze several media to receive, interpret and present. The Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication at University Canada West will provide you with the knowledge and skills to become an expert in the uses mass media and the field of communications.

As a student in the Media and Communications B.A. program, you will develop a solid understanding of the roles mass media play in a democratic society. You will also study theory of communications practices in the circulation of information and the legal and ethical responsibilities of media. You will learn about the media's roles in relation to government and how media as business organizations facilitating economic life. You will also study the media's role in public relations and develop practical abilities, including communication skills and practices that are adaptable in a variety of media workplace contexts.

From a career perspective, UCAN's Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communications will prepare you positions in a broad range of fields, including television, web media, publishing, public relations, marketing and media regulation. The program includes directed studies streams that allow the individual student to choose a topic of interest in one of three general study areas media writing, media as business or public relations.

Program offered is a Bachelor Degree.

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