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Tulsa Welding School

Tulsa Welding School


The mission of TWS is to produce "World Class Welders and Welding Inspectors." We train our graduates for the skills, knowledge, and the workplace attitudes essential to enter the profession of welding or inspection. Graduates who put forth the dedication, commitment to excel, and workplace experience in their welding or inspection profession can achieve world class levels of performance.

Tulsa Welding School has been producing World Class Welders for nearly 60 years. With campuses in both Tulsa, Oklahoma and Jacksonville, Florida, we are the largest accredited welding school in the nation. TWS has Master Welder graduates from every state in the US and our graduates work in a variety of industries throughout the world.

Our dedicated staff has developed a largely hands-on curriculum that incorporates real world training and Master Welder graduates in just 7 months.

TWS provides every student with a support team dedicated to their success. This includes financial aid assistance, housing support, temporary job assistance, and graduate job placement.

Financial Aid

A quality education may be the best investment you ever make, but we also understand that cost can be a major hurdle. That's why TWS is dedicated to offering an affordable education. Regardless of your situation, if you're determined to attend TWS we'll assist you with finding a way to make it happen.

Our Financial Aid Office will assist you through the entire process and work with you to determine the appropriate plan of action. Financial Aid is available for those who qualify and may include federal grants, federal loans, private loans and/or scholarships.

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