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Trumbull Business College Online

Trumbull Business College Online


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Medical Billing and Coding

This online program provides students with the academic foundation and the critical skills needed in healthcare billing and coding practices, and the technologies that support them. Successful graduates will be well-prepared to enter the healthcare field as billing and coding specialist as both physician-based and in-patient-coders, with a valuable level of technological competence, interpersonal abilities, and an understanding of the value and importance of correct billing and coding.  The program covers the necessary range of topics needed for a Billing and Coding Specialist including a general education in academic and technology subjects. The program also has a special emphasis on billing and coding skills, related ethical and legal issues a Billing and Coding Specialist will need to know, to office procedures for billing and coding including necessary computing practices.

Program offered is an Associate Degree.

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Campus Offerings:
  • None : This program is taught Online.