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The Ohio And Illinois Centers For Broadcasting

The Ohio And Illinois Centers For Broadcasting


Campus Programs

Spanish Broadcasting Program

Through the Radio & TV Broadcasting program students can gain entry-level employment in the broadcast industry. important features of this program includes studio terms, legal requirements, broadcast station organization, AM-FM radio and TV station channel assignments, logging procedure, principles of performance, programming formats and a thorough examination of past and present radio and TV trends and development.Students also gain knowledge about the basics of voice development such as breath control by learning voice development exercises, diaphragmatic breathing, articulation, expressiveness of speech, volume and pitch ranges, as well as phrasing and inflection.

professionally equipped audio and video studios leading to proficiency with consoles, analog and digital recording/playback decks, video camera operations and other production equipment. Studio lab work, both live and recorded, is also critiqued by professional broadcast announcers and producers.

Students are introduced to the concepts and theories of broadcast journalism through News and sports writing and reporting. Student also learns General study of sales, advertising, public relations, traffic and programming in the Broadcast management. For student there will also be provided some Special lectures featuring prominent authorities on specific aspects of radio and television, such as broadcast law, labor unions, music promotions, etc. which is important for entry-level positions as a disc jockey, newscaster, portscaster, director, producer or salesperson. A diploma in Radio and TV Broadcasting is awarded to the student upon graduation.

Program offered is a Diploma.

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