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Spencerian College

Spencerian College


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Computer Information Systems Management, AAS

The objectives of the Computer Information System Management program are to prepare students for the majority of tasks performed by Network Administrators and Systems Engineers. Students will receive a strong foundation in PC Hardware, Software, and Networking. Students will learn how microprocessors function and will program the microprocessor using assembly language.

Students will learn to build and mange Local Area Network's (LAN's) in both a Microsoft and Linux operating system environments. Within the LAN's, students will implement WLAN's (wireless LAN's) by providing mobility for users within the network. The program includes network security in which students will learn to secure a network using tools such as firewalls, proxy's, Access Control Lists and Sniffers. Students will learn to connect their LAN's to create a Wide Area Network (WAN) using Cisco networking equipment such as routers, switches and firewalls.

Upon completion of this program graduates will be prepared for the following certifications: A+, Network +, Linux +, Security +, Cisco Certified Wireless Field Engineer (CCWFE), Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), and Microsoft Certified Network Administrator (MCSA). Upon Completion of the CISM program, students will be well-rounded information technicians able to complete the majority of tasks performed by network Administrators and Systems Engineers.

Program offered is an Associate Degree.

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