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Spencerian College

Spencerian College


A Different Kind of School

At Spencerian, we offer you the education and graduate resources to succeed in high-demand careers and enter the job market in as little as 6 months! Our commitment to our students through personal attention, career-customized curriculums, and professional Career Servicesis the reason why our graduates who take advantage of these services find rewarding employment in their fields.

Steps to Success

  • A career-first curriculum where you only take the classes you need for your profession.
  • A four-day school week with Friday as the "Plus" day when you can meet with professors, study or simply relax.
  • Accelerated day and evening programs that allow you to work awhile you pursue your education.
  • Lifetime, nationwide employment services through which you can prepare for interviews, find employment, or review any previously taken class for free, at any point in your careers.

Our Career Programs

Spencerian College offers education only for careers that are in demand. You can pursue a certificate, diploma, or associate degree in a variety of fields of study including Health Sciences, Business, Graphic Design, Computer Aided Design, and others. All of our programs are taught in quarters for more flexibility, with day and evening sessions.

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