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Court Reporting

Sorry, there are currently no offerings available from this school.

Please check back soon for new information on program availability.

Program offered is a Certificate.

The Court Reporting Program at South Coast College ia a major contributor to the supply of court and deposition reporters to the Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernadino, and San Diego counties in California. Mention the name of South Coast College in the courts and deposition agencies in these areas, and you are sure to find someone who has graduated from South Coast College or knows of someone who has. Visit our blog on the above menu bar to learn more about our students and graduates, and visit the South Coast College Facebook that chronicles the progress of our students in school and the successes of our graduates in their new careers.

With the skill acquired in the Court Reporting Program at South Coast College, you are not limited to work as a court or deposition reporter. The opportunities for individuals with this skill are endless. You can employ your skill as a captionist for the television industry, work as a CART Reporter with the hearing-impaired in a variety of venues (courts, colleges/universities, medical facilities, or even work as a congressional reporter in Washington, DC.

As indicated, opportunities that the Court Reporting Program at South Coast College in California offers is more than that of the traditional court reporting school. Our student-centered learning community enables students to gain the career-focused knowledge they need for a variety of career opportunities.

With student services lincluding job placement assistance, South Coast College can help you find the perfect place to put your new skills to use! In fact, there are job possibilities waiting for you even while you're still in school!. Wherever there is a need for high volumes of data entry, you'll find an opportunity to use the skills you are learning in school. You can work as a high-speed data-entry specialist before completing your court reporting certification. Police departments have need for transcribing investigation reports. Business conferences, board meetings, conventions and corporate negotiations also require verbatim transcription skills.

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