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Schiller   International University

Schiller International University


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International Business (AS)

Every day, business is expanding further across the globe and the need for successful individuals educated in international business practices is higher than ever. The Associate of Science degree in International Business is an exciting opportunity for those wishing to meet this important demand.

The International Business program instills a solid foundation in international business knowledge and practices. Candidates for the International Business AS degree take courses in English, economics, science, mathematics, foreign languages and business administration.

In addition to high-quality academics, Schiller International University offers its students the freedom to transfer to any of its campuses worldwide without penalty. This unique opportunity allows Schiller International University's international business students to interact with people from around the world and experience first-hand how different cultures affect global business.

Many international business positions are available within the United States, but opportunities for working and traveling abroad are in abundance. In addition to basic business principles, students will become familiar with the linguistic, social, economic and political conditions and business practices of several countries. Principles in business administration as well as the application of economics and the psychology of marketing are covered.

Program offered is an Associate Degree.

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USA Schiller International University is accredited by the ACICS (Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools).