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Prism PJA Campus

Prism PJA Campus


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Legal Accounting Paraprofessional - Associates Degree

By combining elements of our legal and accounting curricula this program prepares students with versatile skills that bridge across these professions and greatly enhances their career opportunities and marketability. This program covers areas such as law, administration, accounting, taxation and management. Courses include Civil Litigation, Wills & Estates, and Legal Drafting, plus accounting fundamentals such as Payroll, Managerial Accounting, Business and Individual Taxes. Graduates are equipped to pursue careers in legal, business and accounting organizations in a variety of roles.

New students pursue this as a stand alone program towards a Specialized Associate Degree, Prism PJA Campus graduates can also supplement prior paralegal or para-accountant programs by completing the curricula in the alternate field. When taken in this manner, full credit for previous Prism PJA Campus training is given, greatly reducing both the time and tuition necessary to earn a Specialized Associates Degree for this program. Inquire about upgrading now.

Program offered is an Associate Degree.

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Campus Offerings:

Prism PJA Campus is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department Of Education, State Board of Private Licensed Schools. It is authorized by the Pennsylvania Department of Higher Education to grant Specialized Associate Degrees for some of its programs.