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Online Pharmacy Technician Degrees

Online Pharmaceutical Schools

Pharmacists are among the most highly paid professions in all of medicine, and becoming a pharmacy technician will help you enter a field that is high paying and very rewarding. While you won't earn nearly as much as a licensed pharmacist, you will earn well above the national salary average and will be qualified to work in pharmacies as techs or assistants under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist.

The job duties you will learn include answering questions with clients and customers, labeling prescriptions, assisting in filling prescriptions, dealing with insurance and billing, and more. They help in the clinical side of the pharmacy field as well as the administrative side and often answer phones, accept 'call ins' from doctors, and more. In short, they'll be providing a full range of services to customers, medical personnel, and pharmacists.

Employment opportunities are excellent in the field as well and graduates can usually find employment in medical facilities, national or local drugstores, hospitals, and more. The demand for these professionals is growing at a rate far larger than the national average and they earn a considerable amount more than most in the job market do on average. Graduates will need to possess solid customer service skills, organizational and communication skills, and be able to multitask in order to thrive in the job.

Pharmacy Technician Degrees

  • Diploma: 1 year to complete
  • Certificate: 6 months-2 years to complete
  • Associate : 2 years to complete

Those enrolling in pharmacy programs will have several options to select from. In some cases pharmacy assistants enter the position right out of high school and receive on the job training instead of a formal education. But in order to enter the field and thrive, enrolling in certificate programs or associate degrees will be a great idea. These programs cover things like chemistry, algebra, English, anatomy, medical terminology medications, and more to help students gain a solid mastery over the different facets of their job. Most programs can be completed within six months to two years and will be able to qualify for employment in a variety of different locations.

Associate degrees are in depth programs that go beyond what a certificate will. They cover the above classes but also take a look at drug delivery systems, pharmacy treatment, recordkeeping, physiology, drug therapy, and much more. In many cases the more advanced pharmaceutical calculation programs will be a part of the program as well. And in many instance there will be clinical duties or internships available to complete the program.

There are also diploma programs that are designed for those who already work in the medical field but who want to learn more skills in the pharmacy area. These programs are designed to help working professionals enhance their employability and could lead to advancement opportunities they wouldn't qualify for otherwise.

Basic Admission Requirements

In most cases those enrolling in pharmacy technology will already have earned degrees in other branches of medicine, at least when enrolling in diploma or higher degree programs. As a result they'll have to submit their employment experience records and things like drug screenings, immunization history, and background checks. In most cases they'll also be required to submit professional reference letters or statements of intent. Interviews are usually utilized as well.

Those enrolling in an associate's program or a certificate program will usually need to have a high school diplomas or GED and will usually have to submit ACT or SAT exam scores. In many instances a solid GPA of 3.0 or better will be required as well.

Traditional Education and Online Pharmaceutical Technology Key Differences

The only real difference between the two types of degrees will be the method that one completes their basic classes. Online students will use forums and online classrooms while traditional classes will take place on a campus. It's worth noting that while traditional classroom programs make it easy to complete the needed hands-on training that one should always consider the clinical duty associated with an online program and just where they'll have to complete their hands-on training.

Tuition Information

Costs for degree programs vary depending on the school one chooses to enroll in. Average costs are around ten to fifteen thousand dollars per year for a diploma or certificate program, while those enrolling in an associates program can expect to pay between ten and thirty thousand annually. Luckily there are plenty of financial aid options available including things like grants, loans, and more. Students generally have few problems finding a way to finance their education and the rewards of this field make it well worth the investment.

Accreditation Considerations

It's of the utmost importance that you take the time to select a program that is fully accredited in order to ensure that you find employment after graduation. Accreditation is required in order to qualify for the certification exams, nearly all employers will prefer to hire a graduate of an accredited program, and federal financial aid options will be unavailable to those enrolling in a non-accredited program. Our site offers only the best accredited schools to make it easy for you to ensure you're enrolling in a quality program.

Pharmacy Technician Schools

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