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PCU College of Holistic Medicine

PCU College of Holistic Medicine


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Acupuncture is the treatment of disharmony and disease through the application of needles to certain points on a patient's body. The Acupuncture courses at PCU College are a subsection of our TCMP program and emphasize the theoretical and practical aspects of this discipline. These courses form one of the two major components of the TCMP diploma program. Students gain thorough theoretical knowledge of the meridian system and acupoints as well as the clinical and therapeutic application of acupuncture. Advanced coursework concentrates on the practice of accurate point location, needling methods and precautions. Students also study the foundations of TCM theory, the fundamentals of western medical sciences and basic herbology. They are also exposed to TCM Clinical Science and Clinical Training.

Program offered is a Diploma.

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Campus Offerings:

PCU is fully accredited by the Private Career Training Institution Agency (PCTIA), the Ministry of Advanced Education's private career training regulatory body.