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Online Academic Licensure

Online Licensure: Licensure refers to the granting of a license, which gives a 'permission to practice.' Such licenses are usually issued in order to regulate some activity that is deemed to be dangerous or a threat to the person or the public or which involves a high level of specialized skill. Licensing includes such things as pilot and driving licenses, licenses to play professional sports, etc. In the case of certain occupations and professions, licensing is often granted through a professional body or a licensing board composed of advanced practitioners who oversee the applications for licenses. This often involves accredited training and examinations, but varies a great deal for different activities and in different countries. The intention of this page is to familiarize you with the requirements and/or acceptable standards recognized by leading Universities and Institutions of Higher Learning.

Sorry!! There are no Online programs for License. However the below Campus schools offer such courses.
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All Roadmaster training sites provide field-driving courses with designated areas for backing, coupling and uncoupling, and shifting and maneuvering. Roadmaster has it's own fleet of modern tractor-trailers used exclusively for training. Students als...Read More »
With over 25 years of success in career training, Hamrick School can help you take control of your future! Our fast and comprehensive programs allow you to gain the skills and knowledge you need to get on your way to career success! At Hamrick, we ca...Read More »
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