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Certification - Drivers Education Endorsement

Sorry, this program is currently unavailable.

Please check back soon for new information on program availability.

Program offered is a Certificate.

This program is designed to prepare teachers to add a safety and driver education endorsement to their teaching certificate. Illinois rules and regulations, injury prevention and safety, correcting driving errors; emergency driving procedures; first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation and laboratory driving experiences are emphasized. The required courses are designed to give a comprehensive and integrated presentation of the driver education principles in classroom, laboratory and on-road settings. Driving tasks are discussed, analyzed and practiced with candidates to provide them with the knowledge to teach in the field at the secondary school level. The courses also provide the foundation for the prospective teacher to develop the ability to organize and deliver classroom instruction pertaining to driving and traffic safety.

Instructional strategies focus on making safe driving decisions; techniques used in emergency situations, safe driving practices to be implemented in different environments and adverse conditions; safe control of the vehicle; and being an informed, responsible driver. Included in the program are on-road, multi-car range, and simulator experiences related to driver education practices. These laboratory experiences are offered at off-campus locations.

DRED Courses

  • Safety Education on the Highway
  • Introduction to Driver Education (Driving Task Analysis)
  • Teaching Driver Education in the Classroom
  • Advanced Driver Education (Vehicle Operational Skills)
  • Behind-the-Wheel Advanced Methods
  • First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
  • Using Technology to Improve Instruction
  • Safety Issues Related to Alcohol and Other Drugs
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