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There are currently no offerings available from this school.  Check back soon for more information.

Learn More About Oklahoma Wesleyan University

Whether you are seeking to start or to finish, Oklahoma Wesleyan University is a challenging, evolving and hard charging college at its best. We provide the caring Christian atmosphere you desire while equipping you with the best curriculum available. At OKWU, you can achieve your goals, further your career and enhance your life.

Here at OKWU we transform the concept of the integration of faith, learning, and living into action - and while many universities talk about this concept, at OKWU we engage students in the real-world discussions and decisions surrounding this concept.


Here you can realize and fuel your passions. Our professors incorporate real-life situations into their teaching and understand the important role faith has in the classroom.

Adult & Graduate

The only return on investment you can count on these days is your education! Finish your degree, imagine yourself with a better career and beat the recession with a degree from OKWU.


OKWU Online, as part of the Adult & Graduate Studies at Oklahoma Wesleyan University, exists to provide adults with Christ-centered, quality, professional education from the convenience of their home. Some programs can be done without ever stepping on campus- OKWU has the perfect blend of course offerings for you. Depending on the program you choose the college degree you're looking for can be yours in as little as 10 months.