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Online Degrees in Mortuary Science

Degrees in Mortuary Science: A degree in Mortuary Science gives you knowledge in a surprisingly complex area of career choices. Not only does this field encompass biology and science, but forensics, psychology and business management come into play as well. This job will typically consist of careers such as a funeral director, embalmer or mortician. In addition to your educational training, you may also be expected to serve as an apprentice and become a licensed embalmer. If you would like to have a very useful and stable career, but need to know where to find the online or on campus school for you, use the form at the right to help you find the school you need.

If you are the kind of person who is fascinated by many different fields of interest intersecting in one career, Mortuary Science can offer you an intriguing glimpse into many kinds of knowledge. You can choose to specialize or generalize, but all will need a wide range of education.

Mortuary Science Degree Levels Available Online

  • Undergraduate/Graduate Certificate: 1 year to complete

  • Associate's Degree: 2 years to complete

  • Bachelor's Degree: 4 years to complete

  • Master's Degree: 1-3 years to complete

  • Doctorate Degree: 4-6 years to complete

There are few, if any, short term certification programs in Mortuary Science, simply because it is a very difficult and complex area of knowledge. However, the certification programs will help you learn embalming techniques and any other information to help you go directly to work as a Mortician. An Associate's degree will require you to complete your general education requirements as well as begin your studies in Mortuary Science, and you will take classes in Anatomy, Biology and Physiology as part of your coursework.

Most students will expect to complete at least a Bachelor's degree in Mortuary Science. While state laws will vary, some states do have educational requirements that must be met before you can get your license. A Bachelor's degree will delve more deeply into the subjects that you need in Mortuary Science, and you will gain a broader understanding for the entire scope of the subject. Some of the classes may include business management, clinical orientation and even toxicology.

At the Master's level of Mortuary Science, you will be expected to choose an area of concentration and focus your education in that field. Graduate students are usually required to provide a body of research for scrutiny and will also take classes that are more intensive and focused. However, you will be able to enjoy a wider variety of careers once you reach this level of education, and may become a funeral director, a teacher, a lecturer or a researcher, depending upon your inclinations.

At the Doctorate level, you will focus a great deal of your time upon research. Many graduate school programs may even have you outline a desired research project for your application process. A Doctorate in Mortuary Science could lead to many different types of careers from anything to Criminal Justice or cadaver research.

Admission Requirements

Each school may have various admission requirements, but most will need the following information:

  • High school diploma or GED

  • Official transcript

  • Letter of recommendation or intent

  • ACT/SAT scores

While each school will most certainly have different requirements according to their individual policies, you will need to look closely at each department to determine exactly what you need to do to be accepted into the Mortuary Science program. Undergraduates may only need to fulfill academic and prerequisite coursework, while graduate students may need to provide GRE scores and research papers as well. In order to know what you need to provide, look over the school's website or call the department head for clarification.

Online Mortuary Science vs. Traditional College Programs

Many people are surprised that there are online Mortuary Science courses and degree programs, since it is basically impossible to study cadavers and dissect organs from afar. However, many online courses will allow you to make arrangements with a local entity so you can take these hands on classes despite your geographical limitations. In addition, the live time and digital media so widely available lets you attend your lectures, even if only on a computer screen. Online classes are a convenient way to help you get your education even when your schedule needs to be flexible.

Tuition and Accreditation

The tuition costs for Mortuary Science degrees will vary according to the school and the availability of financial aid. As always, the higher the degree you seek, the higher the final costs of your education. In addition, since some certification programs can last as long as two years, it may be hard to track down actual figures. The final costs for a program, much less a degree, can go up to $20,000 or more. The only way to find out your exact tuition is to do the research for all of the schools you are considering, and compare the costs. However, don't forget to also include possible financial aid opportunities for each school. This may help you lower your actual out of pocket tuition expenses.

Accreditation is absolutely necessary with Mortuary Science, simply because most states will require you to get a license and you cannot do so if your school is not recognized as legitimate. In order to ensure that your school is accredited, not only will you need to find that information from the school, but you will need to look into the agency that did the accreditation.

Choosing the Best Mortuary Science Degree

Before making any sudden decisions about your Mortuary Science degree, you will need to first consider your eventual career path. Do you plan on owning your own funeral home? Then you may wish to seek a graduate degree. Do you plan on working as an embalmer and nothing else? Then a certification program may be more than adequate. Carefully consider your location, your career plans and even the availability of attending graduate school at a later time. This will help you make an informed decision that will have a positive effect.

Mortuary Science Schools

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At Daymar Institute we provide a warm, friendly, small-college atmosphere. Our dedicated staff takes a personal interest...
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