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Max the Mutt Animation School

Max the Mutt Animation School


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Illustration For Sequential Arts

Illustration for Sequential Arts: Comic Books and Graphic Novels is a new two-year diploma program. Students entering this program will have successfully completed Visual Arts Literacy, or will be able to show a portfolio demonstrating competence in the VAL curriculum. If you are interested in this diploma but do not have strong representational art skills, you should apply for entry into Visual Arts Literacy.

The Illustration For Sequential Arts program has been structured to give students a broad skill base which will enable them to work in graphic design, advertising and publishing. They will have skills valued by the game industry, and the potential to gain employment in the comic book and graphic novel industries. The course of study also includes a full year of Children's Book Illustration. Since many of the courses in this program are also part of the Classical and Computer Animation Basics Diploma, students will have the prerequisites for, and may choose to take, some animation-related courses such as Storyboarding. This program has been designed with input from Richard Pace, Ty Templeton and David Ross, all leading Canadian artists in the field.

Program offered is a Diploma.

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