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Online Mathematics Degrees: Our accredited Online Mathematics Degrees are the gateway to a diversity of career options. A background in mathematics prepares graduates to work as professionals in the fields of mathematics, computer science, statistics, engineering, economics, software design, aerospace industry, scientific research & development, pharmaceutical manufacturing, physics, education, and numerous professions that require the excellent analytical, reasoning and communication skills inherent in trained mathematicians.
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Mathematics Degrees and Curriculum

The following online schools offer accredited online degree programs in mathematics:

Mathematics as a Career
Forget about the old stereotypes of mathematicians – stodgy, dull individuals with few interests outside of mathematical calculations. Instead, meet the new, hip mathematicians of today who bring a whole new meaning to the word “cool”. Although they do share the same tremendous storehouse of mathematical knowledge passed down through generations of predecessors, these new math graduates may just as well be found enjoying extreme sports, hikes in the mountains and video games as well as contributing to the rising evolution of scientific and technology innovations through their work.

Mathematics is a foundational field; and as such, it offers a wide breadth of opportunity to those who are lured by its intellectual stimulation and its focus upon order and analysis. It principles are relevant to a widening array of academic disciplines; and those who diligently embrace the study of mathematical concepts, theory and computational techniques will undoubtedly discover the excitement and passion that is evident in so many who are dedicated to this field.

When deciding whether to pursue an online mathematics degree, potential students should consider which of two general classes of mathematics appeals to them – theoretical or applied mathematics. Those who wish to become researchers may be drawn to theoretical mathematics, which emphasizes the development of new mathematical principles and the discovery of new mathematical relationships between existing principles in order to further achievements in science and engineering. Researchers often become college and university professors, who combine pedagogy with mathematical research. Applied mathematics appeals to those who wish to consider the practical side of mathematics and its use in solving problems related to engineering, business, government, the sciences and everyday life. These mathematicians solve problems by breaking them down into mathematical variables and utilizing computers to construct viable models to find a solution. The job titles of applied mathematicians may vary; and their work is diverse.

An online mathematics degree program will both challenge and stimulate students as they move forward in their mathematics curriculum, which may includes coursework not only in mathematics, but also in computer science, engineering, business administration or other disciplines in order to enhance employment opportunities upon graduation. Mathematics majors, who decide to pursue a pure mathematics degree without the aforementioned non-math electives, may wish to continue their education through the doctoral level in order to land a position as a theoretical or applied mathematician. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a Ph.D. is generally the minimum requirement for employment as a mathematician outside of the U.S. government, although a smaller percentage of jobs are available at the master’s degree level. The federal government is a primary employer of mathematicians, including those without a Ph.D. It employs them to decode, decipher and analyze encryption systems, as well as other “classified” tasks. Also, there is an increasing demand for junior high and high school mathematics teachers; and education employment has garnered a number of math graduates to meet that need.

Nowadays, most colleges and universities favor the interdisciplinary approach to an online mathematics degree, which integrates computer science, among others, into the math degree requirements. This academic shift is based not only upon increasing the employment opportunities for math graduates, but also upon the importance of a mathematics background to so many fields that are crucial to the sustained and successful growth of the economy, the environment, national defense, information technology and business operations. An online mathematics degree graduate is fully able to step into any number of professional positions; and those who pursue master’s or doctoral degrees in the field may earn higher than average salaries – a median of $86,930 -- according to May 2006 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Salaries for mathematics degree graduates are often commensurate with academic credentials, relevant employment experience and specific job availability. A primary advantage of online degrees is the opportunity for students to build a portfolio of relevant job experience while pursuing their degree requirements. When students graduate, they already have an advantage in the job market.

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