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Accounting and Payroll Diploma(Abbotsford)

A diploma in accounting and payroll will provide you with a well rounded exposure to the professional business environment and will give you the skills for successful careers in accounting and payroll administration. The Accounting and Payroll Administrator Program is offered in a self-directed learning format and is not a lecture based program.

This comprehensive program will train you in-depth in MS Office, business math, business English, bookkeeping, computerized accounting concepts and payroll administration. These skills will give you the competence and ability to thrive in a wide assortment of careers in the business and accounting fields, as well as payroll administration.

After successful completion of your core courses you will complete a 4 week practicum in a business environment. Your final week of learning will focus on your Career & Personal Development course that will prepare you to write an effective cover letter and resume, to develop job interview skills and to learn how to search for job opportunities.

Career paths can be pursued as accounting and payroll clerks in medium and large size businesses or you can utilize all these skills in your own business. As a successful graduate you will be prepared to work in government offices, public and private companies, community organizations and educational institutions.

Payroll Certification: Successful graduates of this program will meet the program requirements to receive the Payroll Compliance Practitioner Certification (PCP) issued by the Canadian Payroll Association (CPA). The certification is nationally recognized as the standard of excellence for payroll training.

Program offered is a Diploma.

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