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LA Film School

Associate of Science in Game Production

Welcome to The Los Angeles Film School's Game Production Associate of Science Degree Program. This 18-month program was designed by industry professionals to be an immersive and comprehensive educational game studio experience. During critical game studies, you will learn to analyze and appreciate games from a diverse global perspective. You will be introduced to game theory and challenged with creating engaging game experiences using conventional game mechanics. Exploration into the interactive entertainment industry will illustrate the dynamics involved in the business of games and the people and companies who have made history.

Creating original game art (characters, objects, environments, and user interfaces) and adeptly manipulating these assets will allow you to develop your artistic technique. Understanding sound theory and the use of game audio will be emphasized in creating mood as you learn mixing and recording techniques. Game programming courses will advance your skills in essential and advanced programming, including scripting languages, data structures, and tools; the courses will utilize video games and mini-games to enhance your understanding and retention of these materials.

Program offered is an Associate Degree.

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