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LA Film School

Associate of Science in Film

You're ready to become a filmmaker and start making movies. That's great, because at The Los Angeles Film School we believe the best way to learn filmmaking is by actually making films. By the time you graduate you'll have made more films in one year than many film students make in four.

The Associate of Science in Film Degree Program takes you through the complete film production process while teaching you the art and science of filmmaking. Learn cinematography, directing, producing, creative writing, editing, sound design, lighting for film and video, production design, and more. From digital video to 16mm, 35mm, and HD, it's an education that teaches you what it takes to create a movie from the ground up.

Located in the heart of the Hollywood, the motion picture capital of the world, The Los Angeles Film School combines the latest in technology with an advanced curriculum that gets you immersed in the world of film. Our experienced instructors share their expert knowledge and techniques to help prepare you for a variety of careers across the world of film.

Program offered is an Associate Degree.

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