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BS in Health and Wellness

The online Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness degree could open the door to a lifetime of career opportunities in health care- and health and wellness-related industries.† It is designed to offer you a solid foundation for graduate study or first-professional degrees.‡ Many approaches to health and wellness are explored, integrating the mind, body, and spirit. Critically evaluate scientific literature and research in wellness, prevention, and complementary health care; then discover how to use this knowledge to educate individuals and communities.

†Kaplan University's programs are designed to prepare graduates to pursue employment in their field of study, or in related fields. However, the University does not guarantee that graduates will be placed in any particular job or employed at all.

‡While many of Kaplan University's degree programs are designed to prepare graduates to pursue continued graduate- or doctorate-level education, the University cannot guarantee that students will be granted admission to any graduate or doctoral programs

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