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Culinary Arts Professional - Modesto

If you’ve been considering culinary arts schools in the California area, learn more about the programs available at Institute of Technology!

We offer two culinary training options for students interested in pursuing the culinary arts:

  • Culinary Arts Professional diploma
  • Associate of Science in Culinary Arts Professional

Once you complete the Culinary Arts Professional diploma program or the Culinary Arts Professional Asssociate degree program at Institute of Technology, you will have the skills, knowledge and experience that will qualify you to work as a professional chef, dessert specialist, catering manager, restaurant manager, or food and beverage manager.

Institute of Technology’s Culinary Arts Professional programs build on the Culinary Arts Specialist program, offering over twice as much classroom training and academic time. In addition to developing your knowledge of the concepts, preparation and basic skills in the classroom, we give you hands-on experience with a 180-hour externship – the perfect conclusion to our extensive programs.

Through your application of the program’s materials, you will develop professionally and feel more confident in the kitchen. The Culinary Arts Professional programs consist of the training and development of skills you will need to qualify for employment in the culinary and food service industry.

Contact Institute of Technology today to find out more about how training at a California culinary arts school could change your life!

Program offered is a Diploma.

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