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ITT Technical Institute

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Construction Management

What It Means
Construction management is the study of the management and technological aspects of residential and commercial construction projects. Construction managers apply management techniques to the planning, design and construction of a project in order to control the time and cost to complete the project and the quality of the construction. The construction industry can use people who possess skills and knowledge in the management, technological, economic and environmental aspects of construction projects.

The Bachelor's Degree program in Construction Management1 offered by the ITT Technical Institutes is designed to provide a foundation in construction management, construction techniques and legal issues relating to the construction management field.

The program can help graduates to pursue careers involving construction estimating, construction safety, construction project management or building code compliance.

What It Means to You
The ITT Technical Institutes are a leading provider of technology education in the United States. We applied our experience in technology education to develop a bachelor's degree program in this promising field. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that employment opportunities for construction managers will exceed the number of qualified individuals seeking to enter the occupation from now through 2014.2

Earn Your Bachelor's Degree in One of Tomorrow's Promising Areas of Study. The Construction Management program in the School of Drafting and Design at ITT Technical Institute teaches skills and knowledge that can be used to plan and manage construction projects. Areas of study include building codes, site construction and measurement, construction documents, construction project management and construction safety management. Instruction on mechanical systems and materials is also included in the program.

Graduates of this program may begin their careers in a variety of entry-level positions involving construction estimating, construction safety, construction project management or building code compliance with specialty trade contractors or general building contractors, architectural, engineering and related service firms, and local governments.

Some of the Courses in the Program

  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Commercial Construction Methods
  • Statics and Strength of Materials
  • Building Codes
  • Construction Management Information Systems
  • Construction Documents and Contracts
  • Construction Project Scheduling
  • Cost Estimating and Analysis
  • Legal Issues in Construction
  • Construction Safety Management
  • Mechanical Systems

Students will have the opportunity to use the following school equipment as required throughout the program: computer systems, project scheduling and construction estimating software, computer graphics software, printers and other common computer peripherals. Please refer to the Student Equipment provision in the Online Course Information section of the school catalog for information relating to student equipment requirements for any distance education courses in this program that are taught online over the Internet.

Length of the Program
Based on the typical class schedule of a full-time student, this bachelor's degree program is 15 quarters in length. A typical class session lasts approximately four to five hours. Class sessions are generally available in the morning, afternoon and evening, depending on student enrollment. The courses in this program may be taught either completely in residence at the school, completely online over the Internet, or partially in residence and partially online, as determined by the school. Please refer to the Program Outline and Online Course Information sections of the school catalog for specific information regarding the courses that may be taught completely or partially online.

Program offered is a Bachelor Degree.

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