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ITT Technical Institute

ITT Technical Institute


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Computer and Electronics Engineering Technology

Technology runs the planet, with computers and electronics playing an essential role in many types of technologies. It is truly a digital world, and those who understand this world can become valuable additions to technology-focused employers. "Advances in technology and knowledge generation over the next few years will radically transform the very nature of how we grow our economy and how we compete," claimed Phillip J. Bond, Under Secretary of Commerce for Technology, in January 2002.

Many fields use electronics and computer technology skills. These fields include, among others, aviation, communications, computers, consumer products, research and development, and defense.

According to a 2001/2002 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report, eight of the ten fastest-growing occupations through the year 2010 will be in technology fields.

If you like to take things apart just so you can see how they work, you could be the kind of student who would feel at home studying computer and electronics technology at ITT Technical Institute. The Computer and Electronics Engineering Technology program in the School of Electronics Technology teaches certain circuits, systems and specialized techniques used in electronics and computer technology career fields. It also exposes students to a combination of classroom theory and practical application in a laboratory environment.

This program can help graduates begin careers in a variety of entry-level positions in various fields involving electronics and computers. These may include, among others, such positions as technician, electronics technician, field service representative, salesperson and computer technician.

Program offered is an Associate Degree.

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Campus Offerings:

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