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Online Degrees in Histology

Degrees in Histology: All plants and animals are made up of extremely tiny cells and tissues. A small group of people who study histology are responsible for studying these cells and tissues. When you obtain a degree in histology you learn how to examine cells and tissues in plants and animals. This is important to help diagnosis and treat various problems that can hurt both plants and animals.

People who might enjoy pursuing a degree in histology include people who have an interest in biology, medicine or animals. You will be required to take numerous courses in science, biology, chemistry and medicine in order to obtain a histology degree. You will also be required to use problem-solving skills and analytical skills to be a successful histology major.

Histology Degree Levels Available Online

Undergraduate Certificate - 1 - 2 years to complete

Associate's Degree - 1 - 3 years to complete

There are only two types of degree levels available for individuals who wish to become a histologist - an undergraduate certificate and an associate's degree. The undergraduate certificate is a professional certificate that allows students who have studied other areas of healthcare to earn a degree in histology. This certificate allows these students to add to their education without requiring them to relearn information they already possess from their previous degree.

The undergraduate certificate can be used by people who have extensive professional experience in the healthcare industry. Some people may not have obtained a degree in some type of healthcare field but they have worked for years in the healthcare industry. This certificate allows them to use that professional experience as their background. They can learn more about histology and add to their professional career goals.

An associate's degree is available to anyone who wants to start learning about the entire field of histology. An associate degree takes approximately one to three years to complete depending upon how many courses you take and what school you attend. When you study to obtain an associate's degree you will be required to take courses in biology, chemistry and medicine. You will also be required to take lab courses that give you hands-on training in how to operate the microscopes and other equipment.

Admission Requirements

If you are thinking about taking an online degree in histology you will need to apply to the program. The admission requirements for a histology program will vary depending upon the school, but most schools have the same requirements. The following are some basic requirements almost all histology programs will require.

High School Diploma/GED

Letters of Recommendation

ACT/SAT Scores

Personal Statement or Essay

Completed Admissions Packet

High school students who wish to pursue a career in histology will want to take numerous math and science courses while in school. This type of educational background will not only help with the information you learn during the course, but will look good on college applications.

Professionals who are applying to a histology program to enhance their work experience will need to show different types of information for admission requirements. These people will need to present the school that they choose proof of their professional careers. This could come in the form of letters from previous employers and other information that can show a school that they have a certain background.

Online Histology Programs vs. Traditional Histology Programs

Students who wish to attend an online histology program are often afraid that their education will not be as good as a traditional histology program. That is not true. Online histology programs offer the same level of education as traditional histology programs. The only real difference between the programs lies in the setup of the courses. Online courses are setup to allow students to have a level of flexibility in when they attend class and when they complete assignments.

Most of the coursework for the histology program can be completed online. However, there are some things that need to be completed at a central location. Some students will need to meet on-campus to attend several labs. These labs will help students gain valuable hands-on experience that will help them with their careers in histology.

Tuition and Accreditation

The amount a student will pay in tuition will vary depending upon what school is chosen and what type of degree they are trying to obtain. The certificate program often costs less than the associate's degree program. The average cost of an online histology program is between $5,000 and $12,000.

Some students are able to gain financial aid or scholarships to offset the cost of this college tuition. Financial aid and scholarships are available at a state and national level. The eligibility requirements for this type of aid will vary depending upon which state you are applying in.

Before choosing a histology program it is important to make sure it is accredited. It is important to make sure your school is accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences or NAACLS. This accreditation is important as it shows employers and educators that you have gained the skills and knowledge that is needed to pursue a career in histology.

Choosing the Best Histology Program

There are dozens of histology programs available to students online. This can make it difficult to choose which program is right for you. The best way to choose which program is right for you is to sit down and research the programs. You can research the programs by visiting the school's website or visiting review sites.

After researching the program it is important to think about what program is best for your lifestyle and career choice. Many people enjoy taking online programs as it allows them to be flexible with their schedules. They are able to pursue careers without having to give up their dream of obtaining a college degree. Online schools also offer parents a chance to take care of their children while earning a degree. However, while these programs sound great it takes a certain level of self-discipline and determination to succeed when taking online programs.

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